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Anniverasry Wall Art Tribute and a Love Story!

It's the year of my 20th anniversary!

I know a lot of people my age have been married a lot longer than that, but I have been blessed to have FINALLY found the perfect mate for me...after a dud or two or three or four! Not marriages mind you!

I have decided to tell you how we met and during this process, tell you how I made this Anniversary Wall Art Tribute!


A Sweet Little Thing!

Just a sweet little side table made sweeter 
with gray chalk paint and...


Changes & Opportunity for U!

This guest bedroom has been one of my all time popular posts, but with all things in my life, change is happening because of this...
I fell in love with this Hobby Lobby fabric and since I have been sewing for over 45 years, when I get a whim to do something different, nothing usually stops me.


Tilt Top Tray!

 I found this vintage tray last year at a garage sale. It was dirty, pink and ugly, so I bought it! Why? Because it's magical!


Who Are They?

After seeing this photo

of my stairwell,

ever wonder,

"Who Are They?"

to all the pictures on the walls?


What I did on my vacation...

Remember in elementary school upon starting a new year, your teacher may have asked the class to write about this..."What I did on my summer vacation"? Well I am here to tell you all about what I learned on our vacation to San Diego, California!

Part 2~Spring Decor In The Kitchen/Dining Rooms!

Dining Room Decor


It's All In The Family

This post is being written from my heart to my son.
                      This is about his family,
                                                 his ties,
                                                          his family history.



White Teapot Crystal Lamp!

The best thing about Winter for me is, that I am able to stay in out of the cold and create! This peticular day, I decdied to combine a tired looking vintage crystal lamp with ceramic teacup, saucer and teapot.


Give me more Light!

My sewing room is an itty-bitty room 
                                  that is under the stairs in the basement
                                                                              and I just love it!


Arch Window Find!

You know the feeling...

    When you come upon something...

                      That takes your breath away.


Furniture Dance!

If you are a follower, you will have noted that I just shared THIS post on my Stairwell Reveal! Which brought on...New carpet and padding. So this is the domino effect!
What brings on new carpet and pad?
 The complete emptying out of each bedroom! Including closets because there is carpet in closets!
 What a cleansing production that was. 


Stairwell Reveal

I FINALLY did it!

Can you tell what it is?

I am generally not a procrastinator, but I certainly was dragging my feet on...

 painting the railing. 

It had an oak rail, newel posts and partial oak tread.


Share the LoVe!

Be My Valentine! This photo card was sent free for purchasing onlineWELCOME, in individual photo framed letters taken of architectural elements from buildings, for a client. I dug this out of my 'stuff' and finally framed it. Wrapped with red and white cord and a key to my heart!


My Winter Putz Houses!

German verb putzen, which means "to clean" or "to decorate." Mass-produced cardboard Christmas villages became popular in the US during the early and mid-20th century, while porcelain versions became popular in the later part of the century.


Winter Plate Banner


That is what I like to do...

Something different...

Not the same ol' thing!

I have made banners for Spring...

09 10