I found two of these Christmas ornaments at our local thrift store before Christmas for only 50¢. I knew I was planning on a fun winter themed mantel, so here is your tease...
Christmas ornament


My Favorite Projects of 2011

I really can't believe how many projects that I completed in 2011, mostly because of this blog. I feel the need to continually show you something new and different that I have made or transformed. Later, you can check out my Before & Afters tab at the top of my blog page.

I decided to look back at what I have done, and pick my 12 favorite ones and tell you why...in no particular order.

Here we go...
1. This vintage dress form is a favorite because I have wanted one for so long. I found it unexpectedly for $2.50 at a garage sale. I then couldn't leave well enough alone and decoupaged it in book pages. It's a joy for me to look at and lives in my master bedroom. 


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!


Randi's Vignettes

Another friend of mine has allowed me to photograph her holiday decor. There are some very pretty and unique vignettes here since Randi has a talent for setting these up.
Enjoy the eye candy!


And More Christmas at Gails

Part 3, pictures of my friend, Gail's Christmas decor. You can see the 1st part HERE. And the 2nd part HERE.


More Christmas At Gails

Part 2, pictures of my friend, Gail's Christmas decor. You can see the 1st part HERE.


Christmas At Gails House

My friend Gail has a very large attic to be able to store a bunch of stuff. Each year she picks a different theme and this year it is vintage for her living room...


Indian Jace!

I realize that it's late to show you this but I think this little guy is the cutest thing and he is my little sweetheart! I have loved him from day 1!

I am friends with this little guy's Mother. She was saying in passing right before Thanksgiving that he needed to have a simple costume of an Indian for school.  So resourceful Terry went into action and made him this little costume in about 30 minutes. Mind you she did not ask me...I just did!!!

I took wide brown ribbon and painted the red and white lines on it to mimic beading on an Indian Braves chest gear. I then found some scrap elastic and trim and made him this headband. Simple and easy, but very cute. The only thing I had her buy was the feathers for me to use. If she knew I was going to put these on my blog, she probably would have taken better pictures too. Right Lindsay?

Early Christmas Bar Stools


Christmas 2011 In The DiningRoom

Fun decorating vignettes in the dining room...
Trying to give it a MacKenzie Childs flair!

My MacKenzie Childs Inspiration Christmas Tree 2011

I was lucky enough to find a pre-lit 5 foot Christmas Tree in a big red pot after Christmas last year while shopping at Marshall's. Don't you just love that place?

It was $50 and the only flaw was a small chip on the bottom edge of the pot. No worries, an opportunity for creativity right?

I am a huge fan of MacKenzie Childs and their Courtly Check design, I decided to paint the base of the red pot in that design. Combined with the upper red part, I think it looks fantastic and covered the flaw.


MacKenzie Childs Inspiration Ornament Tutorial

I have decided to have some fun with Christmas decorating this year and switch things up a bit.  I adore MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check designs and try to replicate what they do. So this year, I have made my version of a MacKenzie Childs Christmas Tree complete with ornaments in Courtly Check design.
Here is a hint on what I did with my tree.

Christmas Kitchen 2011

Views around my kitchen this Christmas season...


Christmas 2011 Outside

We are short! I am just under 5 foot tall and hubby is 5'4". What can I say?

We were talking in line when God was giving out height?  

So, this year, we didn't use a ladder and decorated low.  However, our house sits up on a slight hill and when you view it from the street, it doesn't look all low. Were we successful?
My new spiral tree


Christmas 2011 Shade Tree!

I have been dying to show you my Christmas Shade Tree.

Yep, it's made from lampshades and It is just so fun. My hubby just  tolerates it though. I guess it's not his cup of tea, but he is kind enough and has learned to allow my creativity even though sometimes he just doesn't get it.

If you recall, earlier this summer during one of my Diamonds In The Rough! posts, I shared with you my find of several vintage lamp shades, vintage glass ornaments and a floor lamp. I promised to show you what I was planning to do with them...Here is a look back.

This post also shows you what you can do with very little money and a lot of creativity.


Christmas 2011 Mantel

I adore the whimsical look of my frames on the fireplace mantel. Our fireplace is very large and...


Christmas Open House Shopping!

In Quincy, IL, there is a primitives and craft shop called Ohio Street Originals located at 10th and Ohio. And each December during the first weekend, they have a wonderful open house. It is filled with cookies and hot cider to sample, the smells of cinnamon and cloves and great Christmas crafts and decor all hand made at unbelievable prices. I am acquainted with the owner and asked if I could take you shopping with me. She said, you are welcomed.  So let's go to the wonderland of snowmen and santa's, twigs and dried flowers, primitive decor and awesomeness!
I just adored this framed art.  Maybe I will make me one.


Swag no more!

I purchased 5 custom made and unused swags at a garage sale for only $5 total! I knew that I could do something fun with them. This is one of the swags. See the pretty tassel trim? And the deep red fabric is very nice too.

I realized that they would make awesome pillows. It took a bit more than one swags worth of tassel trim to make an 18 inch square pillow. Which means that I was able to make four pillows out of the 5 swags with material left over for additional projects.

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