Glimpse of my patio and yard

It has been brought to my attention that you have not seen much of my yard and gardens this summer.
 So with that in mind, you can get a glimpse of the yard while I am showing you our new patio furniture.


From Fountain to Pond

Remember this homemade bubbler fountain,
 right off our back patio?...
I made it by sinking a huge plastic tote in the ground, covering it with three barbecue grill grates and topping it off with rock and a rock-looking fiberglass form. 



Ice Cream Chairs Transformation!

Don't you just love the look of

Feed Sacks?

Who knew that they

Would become so popular.

They bring back the simpler times...

That warms the heart.


Map Nite Stand

What do you do when...

You buy the ugliest table

At a garage sale

And get it home and

R-E-G-R-E-T        I-T-!



Lovely Oval Mirror

I live in a small city of 45,000! A great place to live and bring up kids so I am not complaining. 
I have lived in very large cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma and loved it.
But I have everything I need here and am very happy to be in a smaller town.
The one sad thing, as a DIY person and a lover of repurposing furniture, is that Craigslist is not popular or used much in my area.
However, selling on Facebook is getting BIG here.
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