Stunning Jewelry Art

My friend, Gail is not one to 'rest on her laurels' as the saying goes! She is always on the move, helping others and creating beautiful things.


From Boring to Crazy Cool Light Fixture

Okay, so I have been MIA again.
I have a good excuse...I have been working on a surprise for my daughter-in-law's baby shower, but I can't share that with you yet...
And helping my daughter start her Etsy account full of cool stuff she (with my help) has made...but I can't share that with you yet either!
And playing with my granddaughter, Isla Rose...
But the biggest thing, is helping my daughter get ready for her wedding Oct. 7! That's right, she had the baby first and now Isla's Mommy and Daddy are getting married! I am making the wedding dress so I will share that with you when it's done.

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