Sweet BoHo Baby Girl's Room

The fun decorating continues...

This time with my granddaughter's bedroom.

They rent this home, so we were limited with how creative we could be with the walls.

This is looking in the room from the doorway...


Cute-A-Fying a Rental Kitchen!

Recently, my daughter and her family of three moved into a 'new-to-them' rental.

She wondered, "How do I make this place look cute and homey?"

We were not allowed to paint, and though the kitchen is a very small galley kitchen (saved by a roomy pantry), it has new cabinets, appliances and flooring.


This bungalow house also has very high 10ft ceilings throughout. All nice features.

So what do you do when you are renting and want to cute-a-fy a space?


Fun Chalkboard Buffet Runner

My friend Amy, graciously is allowing me to show you this project that she did for an informal gathering.  Beware, you are going to drool!
 Amy used this Chalkboard Vinyl Surface purchased for $7.99 from Hobby Lobby...then


Vintage Swivel Frames

All I wanted was one vintage swivel frame. I just like them. On a trip to see my son and family last year, I mentioned to my oldest sister that I was on the lookout for one.


I Can't Believe I Clicked!

 Are you a fan of the daily sales
                           on Decor Steals?

I am...

And I think I had a very weak moment!

But CHAIR combined with ILLINOIS got me at hello!

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