My Nell Hill's Purchases!

As promised,

I told you that after sharing

my awesome shopping experience

at Nell Hill's in Kansas City,

that I would show you

what we purchased.

 (Click HERE to see the Nell Hill's Tour)

This photo courtesy of NellHillsblog.com


Nell Hill's my new best friend!

Hubby had a conference four hours away in Kansas City. I rode along just to visit my new best friend!

I am talking about a furniture and decor store called Nell Hill's! It is just so fabulous that they allowed me to take pictures so I can share them with you.

Mary Carol Garrity opened this store in Atchison, Kansas and now has opened a new 16,000 sq. ft. store in Kansas City. This is the one that I went to. Nell Hill's has a blog, and a website! You just have to see this! I am so in love!

What do you get out of this tour...Tons of ideas and in such beautiful surroundings!


Gorgeous Shelving Unit

I am very drawn to these types of shelving units.

  I realize that these are Victorian and my style of decorating is certainly not Victorian.

    But it's the romance of the curves...

                 And the spindles that gets me every time!


Jewelry Stand for Lisa

My daughter Lisa, came back home for a week from Wisconsin, where she is currently living.

Her best friend (since 1st grade) Mandi, got married and Lisa was a bridesmaid.

While Lisa was in town, we did some Mommy/Daughter time and on a shopping trip to a store going out of business, Lisa found this...


Sit A Spell

I love it when a unplanned plan comes together!

 That is the case with these two chairs...

I found them out at a garage sale recently...already with the hard part done...stripped to the bone!


Wicker Drawer Stand

I happened upon a wicker drawer stand that caught my eye at a garage sale.

The price was right

So I bought it

But the piece could use a bit of a design lift.


Electrifying Sconces

It took me a while, but I finally DID IT!

What did I do?

Well, years after making two sconces and using them for wall art, I FINALLY electrified them.

Let's go back to the beginning...


Side Table Renew!

Do you remember this side table with drawer?


Well, let me jog your memory...

Remember this?

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