$50 Changes!

You are in for a real treat!
 I am so excited to show you all the changes and you will see the domino effect of what $50 did in my home.
I will entice you to stay awhile by showing you the final outcome!
 Okay, here is the back story...I went to an auction and spent $50 on this 6 1/2 foot buffet!
 No, I didn't realize that it was that big!


Hepplewhite ShieldBack Chairs

Oh how ugly and worn out these chairs came into my possession!

But I have given it away on what I did to them, haven't I?

I didn't want to paint them because...

These chairs are Antique Hepplewhite Shield-back solid mahogany chairs!


I WON a world map mural!

I won a world map wall mural from Stuff and Nonsense and was able to gift it to my daughter for her first home. Actually, it came from Wallpapered.com in London and there was a $60 shipping charge that the original winner didn't want to pay. So she offered it to me, the second winner! I put it up today on the wall behind my daughter Lisa's sofa and I think it looks great!


Birthday Honey-Do's

I recently had a birthday (Sept. 3) and the best part was not the gifts but what my hubby said to me...

"Hon, I'm all yours today!"

I knew that meant what whatever I wanted him to do, he would. And he knew that I had some projects in mind. You see, I am afraid of the table saw and needed him to cut some wood for me. I also wanted to beef up a fireplace mantel. So let's start with that!

We had built this faux mantel many years ago out of various scraps of wood. Then we found an antique metal fireplace face and some antique bricks with rounded corners for the hearth.



Lantern Love!

I see lanterns everywhere, but yet I don't have one! So it became my quest to find one that I could display, play with and love.

In came this beauty...


Hutch 108

Yep, here we go again...

I have brought out my silver...

And my stainless coffee pots...

And some feathered friends...

For another look on my Hutch...this one I am calling number 108!

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