Too Many Valances

I remember when I was 8 years old, and the fourth girl that my mom had in four years (that's one girl a year for 4 years straight with three in diapers!), when my mother announced that us girls had to make all our own clothes or go naked! Plus, we didn't wear jeans yet.

She meant it! Back then, we did not buy any of our clothes so going naked would have been our only option.

I didn't think at the time that it was a blessing. However, over the years (47 years that I have been sewing) it has really been a blessing.

Now, I buy all my clothes, alter them and hubby's because we are short, but I make all of my curtains and pillows...even if I don't need anything new. I just like doing it.

That brings us to my point of this post. My new valances.


Be My Valentine Giveaway!

This year, I decided to get out my hand painted jello mold tree that I normally only display during Christmas in my kitchen.

I removed any ornaments that looked Christmasy, then added red glass heart ornaments tied with black and white check ribbon. 

Now it's officially my "Be My Valentine Tree" as part of the limited amount of Valentine decor that I have.


Subway Tiled Back Splash...Finally!

I've been waiting patiently for
 10 1/2 years 
for a REAL back splash! 

Did I tell my hubby this?


But then again, he loves our new back splash as much as I do.

And the wait was so worth it!


Dramatic Kitchen Make-over

I am beside myself with excitement to share with you my newly painted kitchen! I think the color change did amazing things to the look and feel if this space. Come on the journey with me.


My New Gray Dining Room

Why do I fall in love so easy? I'm talking about with decorating? Is it my calling? Or is it because it's just plain fun...and I like CHANGE! 


Trumeau Chalkboard ReVamp

The definition of
 a Trumeau Mirror 


[troo-moh; French try-moh] plural tru·meaux [-mohz; French -moh] 

a mirror having a painted or carved panel above or below the glass in the same frame.


Foyer Winter Mantel ~ 2013

We have four fireplace mantels in our home. One, (living room) was a wood burning that was converted into gas. One, (basement) is electric and two, (upstairs hall and foyer) are fake! Hubby and I built these last two and I have so much fun decorating them.


Winter Buffet

It all started with this awesome runner! At $14.99 from TJ Maxx, how could I even begin to make this for that kind of inexpensive price? Thanks TJM for offering such fun items.

After putting away all the Christmas decor, I was happy to put together this new vignette on my buffet!


Sports Theme Nursery

I had the privilege of getting to decorate a close friends new baby boy nursery. This is her third child, so the white dresser/changing table, baby bed and glider rocker were already in place.  With tan walls, my only direction was that it needed to be sports theme in the color of red.


Baby It's Cold Outside Mantel ~ 2013

 Baby it's Cold outside! 

The low last night was 4 degrees! Wow, is that ever cold!

I am so NOT a cold weather person!

(Notice my cat in the picture)
However, I do like the change from the greens and reds of Christmas
 to the whites of winter!

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