The Perfect Place for A Barn Door!

Hubby mentioned that he wanted hot and cold water in the garage and that's all it took for me to get my mind racing on what all I would do to give him what he wanted and me what I wanted.


A New Dresser and A Special Girl!

I have been away from my computer for a bit. Have you missed me?

I am the proud new Grandma of a beautiful baby girl, my daughter's first precious gift from God.

Oh do I ever have a birth story for you! I will not get into the heavy details, but let's just say, we really were exhaustively overjoyed to have Isla (Eye-La) Rose come into this world after 40 hours of labor!

Hubby and I got a call at 4am on Friday morning from our daughter that her water broke.

We had to drive about 2 hours to the town that our daughter lives, Springfield, IL. We arrived around the time Lisa's contractions began.

The birth plan Lisa decided on was called Hypnobirthing with a Midwife at Memorial Hospital. The Midwife advised Lisa to labor as long as possible at home,

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