Solution to a Hole in my Vintage Tapestry!

Isn't it funny when you just can't think of a solution to a problem and someone walks up and gives it to you on a silver platter? In this case, I had picked up an old tapestry. The problem: a hole right in the middle of it. Too big to repair without notice. One day, my lovely daughter, Lisa says, "why don't you just cover a stool with it!"

I just happened to pick up this very old and very ugly stool...


My addiction to Furniture!

I am standing up and admitting that I have an addiction! But I am really sitting down.

An addiction to abused, beaten, broken and old furniture! Especially old stuff because it's usually all wood.

I don't need anymore.

I don't really want anymore. Um, maybe...

But, I can't help myself when I know what it could look like and keep it out of the landfill.


Guest Bedroom Redo...Again!

I really do have other things to do, but just get such a kick out of decorating that I repainted my largest guest bedroom...again!
That would be four times in 10 years! Not bad for me!!! Hubby says that I am making the house smaller with paint a millimeter at a time! Smile
Here is the before, when I redid it a couple of years ago and now the much simpler after...


Oh so French End Tables!

Do you love the French Look as much as I do?

Do you also love the look of a finished piece after it was painted and loved with Chalk Paint?


So do I! That brings me to these to end tables...


Garden Teacup Chandy

Do you remember this teacup CANDLEIER that I made and did a post on last year? No?

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