Easter Decor + Architectural Salvage

I love collecting Architectural Salvage!

The key is to learn how to display my decor with and round it...

            allowing both to coordinate, share the spotlight and standout from the norm.

Without even realizing it, as I was taking pictures for my blog to share Easter decor, I realized that Easter decor was not the only common denominator in the pictures...architectural salvage was too!

These two corbels behind the bunny in the window make the bunny even more inviting to look at.


Logic Won Out!

First, I must say that one of the benefits that go with blogging is being able to categorize my pictures of projects and know when I did them.

Time flies and I just don't realize how much has been done until I see all the pictures and how long ago I did each one.

Now on to the reason that logic won out. 

I have a favorite Purdy paint brush that I use to cut in the walls before rolling on the paint. Mine was worn out and I needed a new replacement. As I was buying one at Sherwin Williams, I found a beautiful gallon of blue/gray miss tint paint for $5.

I bought it too.


Vintage Typewriter Collection

What can I say, we are collectors!

We collect so many things and you know you need three or more for it to be called a collection.

That is what happened when my hubby got the desire to collect old typewriters.

Most are kept in the media room...let's face it, it is really his domain since the rest of the house is mine!

Seems like an even trade to me!


Why I Call My Guest Bedroom The MC Room!

 I love MacKenzie-Childs style and if you never heard of them or haven't visited their store or website, you are really missing out in my book.

The style is so fun and whimsical. I am especially attracted to their Courtly Check.

But I am not willing to pay their high prices! I find that it takes the joy out of owning something if it's just way over priced for me.

So I take my talents in sewing and painting and make my own versions of what inspires me about MacKenzie-Childs.

Here is a sampling of what I have done...


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