Where have you lived?

I had been working on Christmas gifts and this is one of the projects that I did for my 23 year old daughter, Lisa.


Highlights of 2013

This year, instead of listing 10 or so things that I think were the best posts of my 2013, 
I am going to list in categories instead!                   Here we go...

Category - Chairs
2 chairs come to mind. My most popular post on a chair that I painted the upholstery and sewed a cover for the seat and a pillow.


Cute Skate Ornament and More!

As every Christmas draws near, I hand make an ornament for each of my kids and grandkids. Of course Hubby and myself too.

This year, I was reminded of a fun day we had at a local skate and game place.

That brought me to come up with making a felt shoe. The wheels are sewing machine bobbins and each is decorated with felt holly and greenery. I always tag them with the date and name.

I hope that they like them.

You can see more ornaments HERE and HERE.


A Bit More Of A MacKenzie Childs Christmas

Based on my last post about getting rid of some of my overloaded Christmas decor, it was a split on people that believe that you can't have too much Christmas decor and others like me that want to simplify the huge process of storing so much stuff for 11 months out of the year and then killing themselves with putting it all out in record time to enjoy for...a month!


Christmas In The Livingroom

This year I realized something...

 I have been OVER-DOING Christmas! 

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