Pre-Reveal of My Other Guest Bedroom

I am so excited to have so many things happening at once. Between my wonderful new laptop, that I have to transfer all info/pictures from old computer to this one...

To the finalization of the Newly Redone Other Guest Bedroom...I will now call is my MacKenzie Childs Guest Bedroom since I have two guest bedrooms. I call the other one my Blue Guest Bedroom.

So lets get on with the Pre-Reveal...


More Winter Decor

I absolutely HATE computer problems. My laptop is good (so they tell me) but it is five years old and it has been in the 'shop' for a tune-up but it is just so slow...so I am researching laptops to buy a new one...frustrating!

But on to talking about this post! I have been decorating a Chiropractor's office for well over 10 years. It's an easy job and I go in about every 6 weeks and change the decor.


Winter Decor Favorites ~ Part I

Year after year, I do away with some seasonal decor, mainly because I keep making new stuff, but some are just my style and I still get a feeling of joy when I open the plastic storage totes and reveal what I have almost forgotten, as it was stored for almost 10 months. Notice the rock that was found above. It looks to be in the shape of Illinois which is where I live so it became a keepsake.

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