Garden Whimsy & Fairy Garden

Sit back and enjoy a bit of my 2013 garden whimsy!

Hen in the work boots is about to bloom!


Mud Room Update

Do you remember this?
 After building the new Hobby Garage, we were able to free up the old tool room and convert it to our new mud room.


Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table

What an interesting antique table I found! I believe it is walnut and it's unique with the framed glass removable top! Here is the before...


Summer Banner

Welcome to Summer!

My Favorite Season

To Celebrate it,

I made a

Summer Banner!


Tables, Tables, Tables

Here are a few tables that  I recently transformed.
1. Wicker Tray Table


How to Easily Fix a Broken Furniture Leg

I come across furniture pieces once in a while, that have a broken leg and can easily be repaired.
This tutorial that I will show you is only for breaks like this...


First Thing I Purchased on Joss and Main!

I found a shabby bookcase while looking at the Joss and Main website.

At first I didn't purchase it because I had never purchased anything on this site and whatever is purchased is non-returnable.

I had to put some thought in it and these offers don't last long.

I missed out on this the first time around.

I couldn't get it out of my head and I couldn't find anything else that I liked as well so I just waited for it to show up again.


Tea Time

Lately I have been in a lamp making mode. 

Here is another (if you are not to tired of lighting)
I got this cute little silver teapot at a garage sale for only 25¢! I drilled a hole in the top of the lid after taking off the round wood knob. I then drilled a hole in the back side for the wiring to come out. I used one like this...


Charming One-of-a-Kind Teapot Floor Lamp!

This is one of those transformations that turns out so fantastic, that it pains me to sell the piece!

Are you curious to find out what you are looking at?

Well, let's take a look...starting with the before!


How to Easily Clean a Granite Sink

Have you ever wondered how to keep your granite sink looking new? I can show you how to easily accomplish this, but let's start with the ugly...

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