How to EASILY repair old fancy frames!

Have you ever

           come across an

old frame that

               has some missing

fancy decoration?

Now you can easily fix it!


Helpful Hubby!

See him up there?
He is the most helpful Hubby! Along with his helpfullness, Hubby gives himself to me all day for my birthday. Basically, I GET TO BOSS HIM AROUND!


No Befores, Just Afters

Every once in a while, I get in a hurry and forget to take a before picture. That is the case with this table.
Someone did the work of stripping it down and refinishing it, but with the norm in my booth, if I don't do something different with a piece of furniture, it just sits there not selling!


Autumn Leaf Banner

I am beginning to decorate for Fall (though today is 98 degrees outside) and decided that on the agenda would be to make a new banner for my vintage window.


Song Book Table

Such a cute table with a fun scallop and cut-outs. When I saw it at a garage sale, all dirty and falling apart, I just had to have it to play with! You know, "do my thing"!

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