My Wonderful Discovery!

I am known for my love of Checks!

Black and White or,

Black and Tan,

Wonderful checks in general!


Do YOU Crave Change?

Do You Crave Change?

 I have been working on my son's wedding that is coming up on Nov. 2. I have not shared anything with you because I don't want to spoil the surprise. It's going to be in a barn in Kansas. So far I have made burlap table runners, chalkboards, canning jar looking banner, and 8 men vests. Today, I will be making tags for the wedding party. These tags will go on their stemmed canning jar glasses. My soon to be daughter-in-law has been working amazingly hard on making everything. She made all the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages out of wheat, burlap roses and twine. She designed and made beautiful invitations...and I just can't wait to head out for this special time. Of course I will share all when I return.


Tall and Short!

This is the story of two fern stands. One of the stands is tall and has great bones...


Walnut Bench To Go Please!

This year I have transformed more pieces of furniture than any other year! I hope you all are not getting bored with more furniture transformations than decorating.


Black Beauty

What to do with veneer missing from furniture?

My options are: 

1. I could ignore and just paint right over the missing veneer hoping to camouflage the area.

2. I could fill in the the space of the missing veneer with wood filler then paint the whole piece.


Charming Painted Upholstered Chair

I have jumped on

                                the band wagon of

painted upholstered chairs

                      that are out there on other blogs.

Doesn't that just sound crazy?

But I had to give it a try and I'll admit,
                it came out lovely!

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