Abandoned Tables Made New Again!

I have been beating the weather clock, so to speak! Colder weather is upon us here in Illinois and I have been trying to get any larger pieces of furniture painted, out in the new hobby garage, since it is not heated.

I received four oak tables that needed an update. A sofa table, an oval coffee table and two matching side end tables. They were dirty, abandoned and crying out for some love...


Meet Lacey!

See why I call this bookcase 'Lacey'
It has really pretty cut-outs that make it look that way to me.
The bookcase came to my door looking like this...


Another MacKenzie-Childs look!

If you are a Courtly Check MacKenzie-Childs lover, then you are really going to like this!

Initially, I painted this tiny lamp...
I painted it to resemble one of MacKenzie-Childs' pieces.  Then one day, the on and off switch broke and after fixing it, It broke again.


Not pretty, but so Organized!

I crave order and I love to organize! The one room in my home that has been driving me nuts is, my storage room. This room is in the basement where I store clothing and holiday decor. It's a good size room but I have always had a problem trying to just stack my plastic tubs one on top of the other, so if I need something out of the lower tub, I have to unstack the whole thing. It's a hassle and makes the room messy. See what I mean...
The builder had put in two wire racks for hanging clothing, but I didn't have clothing to hang on this side of the room. Here's how I solved this problem. I researched free-standing shelving units and came upon this one...


Birds on a Wire!

I have a soft spot in my heart for birds.

 Do you too?

With that in mind, I painted a curvy end table to look a bit French and well, you'll see!


Meet Jax!

I have a friend that just had her third baby...a boy named Jax. He is beautiful as are his siblings. Jax has a five year old brother and a 3 year old sister. Every time my friend has had a baby, I go over about two weeks later to take new baby pictures for her birth announcements. I just have a normal digital camera that is not fancy so these pictures are very amateur, but I have so much fun taking them.

Fall Mesh Wreath & Stool Cover

Just a couple of things that I whipped up today...

 A Fall wreath made with a base of  green mesh.


Wool Pumpkin Tutorial

 It has been a while since I did a tutorial for you to enjoy...and even make if you wanted to. I also have been crazy over wool lately and decided to play with various kinds. Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the tutorial!

Materials that I used:
1 old wool sweater, washed and dried to felt or shrink
1 old plastic pumpkin, purchased at a thrift store
2 wool flowers, premade and purchased at JoAnn's, Optional
Burlap for leaves
1 dowel rod

Let's get started...


Three Tier Table Transformed

A new antique table has entered my life and invaded my living room! I fell in love with it upon first sight even though it didn't look it's best...


Two cool Tables!

Crazy story but true,

As hubby and I were on our way home from our daughter's new house across town, a guy was putting these two tables out on the street corner!

The curbside picker that I have known to be, had hubby stop and I asked what he was doing with them. He told me that he was moving and didn't have room for them and that I could have them. He even loaded them in the pickup!

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