Sit and Stripe

Here are two small pieces of furniture that I had a little fun with...
 I painted this with Annie Sloan French Linen Chalk Paint at the base and Old White stripes.


Crazy Good Transformation!

This cabinet turned out crazy good and could be used for so many things.

A neighbor who knows that I transform furniture asked me if I would like to purchase this piece and do something fun with it.

Upon seeing it, I knew it would be more challenging than just painting it. But I was up for the task.


Double The Chandelier Fun!

I found two chandeliers at a garage sale. I thought with some imagination and paint, they could be better.

However, before I got started, I sold one, the larger one, to my friend. Sorry to say I didn't take any before pictures, but if you imagine this as shinny brass you will get the idea. All she did was paint the brass white and have her husband hang it in their newly painted dining room.


Coolest Sconce EVER!

Do you want to hear about the

Coolest Sconce Ever? 

 I happened on an absolutely huge garage sale from years of accumulation and living. In fact, it was more like a flea market! I found three of these in varying degrees of disrepair...


Federal Mirror Addition

Remember that vanity that I just transformed? No? Well let me remind you...
First of all, I went to an auction and I saw the same piece of furniture! It is not a lady's desk but a true vanity. The mirror was missing on mine! That question is solved! Or you can go HERE and see the post on this piece.
So, I remedied the missing mirror with this Federal Style one...


Is it a Desk or a Vanity?

That is the question!

I picked this lovely little number up at a garage sale! It just spoke to me...


Our Study

Recently I showed you my new buffet that caused a domino effect in my home.

This is part of that domino effect. In what is this house's actual formal dining room, we have converted it into a study since we don't have a need for a formal dining room that would only get used a couple of times a year and just be looked at the rest.



Halloween is upon us and it's time to have some decorating magic!

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