Think Pink ~ A sweet doll cradle

I am participating in the Go P.I.N.K., Oct. 30th...Are You Aware? Many of us Bloggers are helping spread awareness and standing to fight for this cause.. Breast Cancer! With blog posts that are dedicated to pink, you can view my post then go on over to the party and see what other pinks are out there.

A few years ago I was asked to paint a child's doll cradle. The only requirements were to also paint the words of The Fruit Of The Spirit;
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control found in Galations 5:22.


A Client's Formal Living Room

I recently shared with you a before and after of a built-in bookcase. Well, that is in a formal living room space that I have been decorating.

Here is what this space looked like when I was hired to warm it up and put personality into the room.

It had the basics, two sofas, two end tables and a coffee table...and a couple of wood side chairs.

Now I will step you through my decorating process. First, I borrowed the rug from under the breakfast room table because it looked like it would go better in this space and it was too small for the breakfast table.

Here is the room 90% complete.


Please Remove Your Shoes & A Clients Foyer

I can't say that this was my idea. I got the idea from Pinterest where there is a wealth of great ideas. I was initially overwhelmed with decorating a huge home by myself, but a friend that I helped decorate her new home recently told me, "You are the Queen of putting personality into a home!" (Thanks Lindsay) That is all it took to spur me on to this new project. So here is how I put personality into the foyer of this home.


Window Blues!

My friend Gail shared with me another project that she completed. Did I ever tell you that she is one talented lady? She is.

Anyway, she had an old window just hanging outside on her back porch for decor. It blew down in a huge wind storm that we had and Gail took the opportunity to change it up while it was down.

Here is the original window. Cool huh?


Teacup Candelabra

My friend Gail shared with me the sweetest candelabra that she made with various teacups and crystals. Music to most of our ears...teacups and crystals!


A Clients Before and Afters

I just couldn't wait to share with you a couple of projects that I did today. I am working with a client on their new home. I am shopping for furniture, art, lamps and decor. It is all consuming and I can't believe the amount of time it takes to find things for their home. I guess if there were more than just me doing it, it wouldn't take as much time. I then am doing all the sewing, painting and decorating. I guess you can call me a one stop gal.


Week 26 ~ Diamonds In The Rough!

Diamonds In The Rough! is my weekly feature, where I show you the treasures that I find from garage sales, thrift stores and antique stores.

First, I will share the items I purchased at a deep discount at auction...Yet another chair to fix up.
A sewing cabinet that I had never seen before...full of vintage sewing supplies that I have yet to go through. The top drawer opens normally, the bottom drawer pivots around to expose areas to put spools of thread. Wouldn't this look fun painted?


Little Toile Stool & Funny Ad!

I have re-vamped a little stool with paint, tassel fringe and bird toile fabric. I think it turned out really cute and reflects my taste and style.

I originally purchased the material from Ballard Designs on clearance for either some pillows or a to make a new valance for my bay window in the dining room. However, when looking for something to use to upholster this stool, I decided to use


Fun New Home Decorating!

For the past five weeks, I have been helping a friend and client with pulling her new home together for a more cohesive look. I have blogged about this new home in July when they allowed furniture stores and decorators to come in (before they moved in) and use the house as a way to gain more funds for the Advocacy Network for Children. This tour was over and they moved in their own furniture.
This is where I came in...

I will show you areas of each room that I decorated.

First up, the formal dining room. My friend (the owner), purchased these triplicate art canvases online. I hung them on the wall, marked off a border area and a smaller outer boarder and taped it off. Took the pictures down and my friend painted the wall area the same brown as the alcove in this room. I then switched the area rug from the living room and we had professionally made drapes hung. The rest is all decor that we found at Hobby Lobby and other places in town. I also repainted her metal art that is hung in the alcove.


From Baby to Little Girl Room

I have been helping a friend and client with pulling her new home together for a more cohesive look. In their little girls room, which she painted green, I put a huge vinyl tree on the wall, purchased on eBay.
Initially the baby bed and dresser was lost in this very large room. (This is just one tiny corner, below).

Week 25 ~ Diamonds In The Rough!

Diamonds In The Rough! is my weekly feature, where I show you the treasures that I find from garage sales, thrift stores and antique stores.

This week was light in treasured finds until one particular sale. I will show you that at the end of my post. On to the treasures...
This globe is missing the base, but imagine this with part of the bottom cut away and made into a


A walk on the Wild Side!

A friend and client of mine has a new home that I have blogged about HERE. Originally, I showed you the house when it was staged for a tour. That tour is OVER and they moved all that 'stuff' out and now what you will see is all their personal furniture and decor.

She asked for my assistance in pulling her house together. In the living room, she had purchased new leather furniture. She already had the tables.  I felt that a bit of color was needed in the space, so I pulled in the rug from another room. I found the red pillows at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And then I talked her into living on the wild side...


Wall Flower Art

These plastic Wall Flowers are popular right now. Have you seen them?

I have a client that had these on the wall in her little daughter's bedroom. Since I was decorating this room, I needed this wall space for something else (I will share more on that in another post).

These flowers stick on the wall with peel and stick tape and it is very hard to get it off the wall without any wall damage. They can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Sailing Baby Room

I have had a recent request to show children's bedrooms, ones that I have decorated or come across cute rooms via friends.

This bedroom was not decorated by me. I did make two canvas art pieces and a child's chair. However, I thought you would enjoy seeing this cute room.

I suggested to the mother that she should hang the quilt on the wall instead of using it on the bed. As you can see, she took my suggestion. I used this quilt as inspiration for the two canvas paintings that I did for her.

You may remember them from a past post HERE.


Week 24 ~ Diamonds In The Rough!

Diamonds In The Rough! is my weekly feature, where I show you the treasures that I find from garage sales, thrift stores and antique stores.

This week, I was so fun and I have so many small stories to share. As I always find that fall garage sales are some of the best ever!!!

Now is my time to share with you these treasures and stories. This first item is an old typewriter. The old guy (about 75ish) said that it had been his in college and he typed all his papers on it. I offered him $10 since it wasn't priced and he took it. My Hubby loves to collect, restore/clean these and display them in our home. So far we have six so he says that he will get rid of one that I will take to my booth. Only so many typewriters we can display, don't you think?


A Bunch of Before & Afters III

I decided to keep better track of my projects with combining each in a simple collage of Before and After. Here is a sample of past projects, Chapter 3. For past Chapters, look in my archives for Before and After.

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