Cute Owl & Pigs!


Just a quick baby gift...

Inspiration was the cute owl bedding chosen by the mommy from Baby's r us.


Cute Teacup Light

Let's make this cute

Teacup Light!

It is easy to do once you have mastered drilling china with a diamond ceramic drill bit.

You can find tutorials on the web for that.



Hanging Map Light!

What a cool and fun project this was...

And so easy to do!

Here's how I did it...


My Master BathRoom Update!

Some of my reader's may remember my long ago post on my master bathroom.

About six years ago, when I first met my Young-and-Cute, Handy-Dandy-Handyman Trent, together we gutted my carpeted, huge garden tub and single sink master bathroom for a more functional and timeless style that it is today.

However, we didn't do one thing...

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?


CopyCat Art

I can not take credit for this design. Credit goes to Doreen's blog of Hymns and Verses! When I first saw her tutorial on a Valentine's canvas HERE, where she actually gives the templates to use, I knew that this would be the perfect wedding gift to my daughter's dear friend. This is the one that Doreen made and shared...


Our Rental House Tour

We purchased this cute little shotgun house about 8 months ago from a builder friend that had it as a rental for 9 years.

Initially, we purchased it for our 22 year old daughter to live in and we put about another $10,000 in it.

She lived here for 7 months until a job took her out of state.

So now what do we do?

We took to opportunity to fix it up even more though it had been gutted and redone 4 years prior. This is what I have been doing for the past three weeks!


Art from Sharpie Pens!

If you are like me, you learn so much on what others share via blogs and Pinterest that there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to study it all or even begin to make it.

I do find however, that there are some things that peak my interest so much, especially when it is this simple and fun.

See, the plate? A really simple and fun project that even the kids can get in on...Here's how,


Then & Now Part II

Are you ready for Part II of Then and Now?

In this post we will tour the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms of my home, as well as the man cave and sewing room in the basement!

When you reach the top of the stairs this is the first thing you will see in the hall. The wall now has color. In fact the whole upstairs is what I called builder's white when we moved in. I changed all that...several times over these past 10 years.

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