Where have you lived?

I had been working on Christmas gifts and this is one of the projects that I did for my 23 year old daughter, Lisa.


Highlights of 2013

This year, instead of listing 10 or so things that I think were the best posts of my 2013, 
I am going to list in categories instead!                   Here we go...

Category - Chairs
2 chairs come to mind. My most popular post on a chair that I painted the upholstery and sewed a cover for the seat and a pillow.


Cute Skate Ornament and More!

As every Christmas draws near, I hand make an ornament for each of my kids and grandkids. Of course Hubby and myself too.

This year, I was reminded of a fun day we had at a local skate and game place.

That brought me to come up with making a felt shoe. The wheels are sewing machine bobbins and each is decorated with felt holly and greenery. I always tag them with the date and name.

I hope that they like them.

You can see more ornaments HERE and HERE.


A Bit More Of A MacKenzie Childs Christmas

Based on my last post about getting rid of some of my overloaded Christmas decor, it was a split on people that believe that you can't have too much Christmas decor and others like me that want to simplify the huge process of storing so much stuff for 11 months out of the year and then killing themselves with putting it all out in record time to enjoy for...a month!


Christmas In The Livingroom

This year I realized something...

 I have been OVER-DOING Christmas! 


Round Mirror Love

I have an attraction to old mirrors and this round one is currently one of my favorites!

Remembering back when I was just a young 20 year old and an old oak secretary was given to me and my hubby. It was the kind with the glass door display cabinet on one side and the drawers with slant opening desk and a mirror above. Well that old mirror was all messed up and I didn't appreciate it and had it re-silvered.

Today, I probably would not do such a thing.

But then again, there is paint that I would do!

Here is how this mirror looked when I first got it (sans the mirror)...


Table Settings Eye Candy Ideas

Every year our church as a
 Holiday Extravaganza 
where ladies decorate a table and host it for the evening of food, fellowship and fun.

Here are some, but not all of the tables that were decorated this year...a good way to get some ideas for your holiday table setting.

There are tons to share, so grab a drink and sit back...I'm sure you will find a favorite one!



Birthday Girl

My daughter
After years of infertility since the birth of my son, Charlie,
 9 years prior


Songbook Page Christmas Tree

I have a wreath that I made using rolled music book pages...

And thought, "Hey why not make another shape out of the same rolled up pages".

Plus, I wanted to show you early enough so that you could make one for Christmas if you so felt the desire!

I started with a clear plastic cone shape like this, but you can use any cone made out of different material like heavy card stock...


How To Make Faux Chalkboards

Recently I shared with you a few pictures from my Son's wedding.

To not step on any toes, I told my Daughter-In-Law (DIL) that she needed to tell me if she wanted me to make something for the wedding.

One of the things that she asked me to make was a couple of chalkboards.

This was my problem...How would I get these chalkboards from Illinois to Kansas in our car without messing up the writing?

Here is how I solved this issue...Faux Chalkboards!


A Floor Lamp to Drool Over!

I recently did a post on this side table

Now I want to show you just how UGLY

This floor lamp started out...


Edgar's Bed!

This story is pure Kismet.

Here's my story as it happened!

In our new hobby garage, we have an attic storage space above with a drop down ladder.

I was up there selecting furniture to bring down to paint.

As I was stacking things up for Hubby to help carry down, I stacked an old vintage leather suitcase on top of this...


Wedding and Courtly Check Tea Service!

I took some time off from my blog to work on wedding things for my son's wedding. I was asked to make a couple of chalkboards and here is one, Friends of...

 I was also asked to make all the burlap table runners...


My Wonderful Discovery!

I am known for my love of Checks!

Black and White or,

Black and Tan,

Wonderful checks in general!


Do YOU Crave Change?

Do You Crave Change?

 I have been working on my son's wedding that is coming up on Nov. 2. I have not shared anything with you because I don't want to spoil the surprise. It's going to be in a barn in Kansas. So far I have made burlap table runners, chalkboards, canning jar looking banner, and 8 men vests. Today, I will be making tags for the wedding party. These tags will go on their stemmed canning jar glasses. My soon to be daughter-in-law has been working amazingly hard on making everything. She made all the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages out of wheat, burlap roses and twine. She designed and made beautiful invitations...and I just can't wait to head out for this special time. Of course I will share all when I return.


Tall and Short!

This is the story of two fern stands. One of the stands is tall and has great bones...


Walnut Bench To Go Please!

This year I have transformed more pieces of furniture than any other year! I hope you all are not getting bored with more furniture transformations than decorating.


Black Beauty

What to do with veneer missing from furniture?

My options are: 

1. I could ignore and just paint right over the missing veneer hoping to camouflage the area.

2. I could fill in the the space of the missing veneer with wood filler then paint the whole piece.


Charming Painted Upholstered Chair

I have jumped on

                                the band wagon of

painted upholstered chairs

                      that are out there on other blogs.

Doesn't that just sound crazy?

But I had to give it a try and I'll admit,
                it came out lovely!


How to EASILY repair old fancy frames!

Have you ever

           come across an

old frame that

               has some missing

fancy decoration?

Now you can easily fix it!


Helpful Hubby!

See him up there?
He is the most helpful Hubby! Along with his helpfullness, Hubby gives himself to me all day for my birthday. Basically, I GET TO BOSS HIM AROUND!


No Befores, Just Afters

Every once in a while, I get in a hurry and forget to take a before picture. That is the case with this table.
Someone did the work of stripping it down and refinishing it, but with the norm in my booth, if I don't do something different with a piece of furniture, it just sits there not selling!


Autumn Leaf Banner

I am beginning to decorate for Fall (though today is 98 degrees outside) and decided that on the agenda would be to make a new banner for my vintage window.


Song Book Table

Such a cute table with a fun scallop and cut-outs. When I saw it at a garage sale, all dirty and falling apart, I just had to have it to play with! You know, "do my thing"!


My Nell Hill's Purchases!

As promised,

I told you that after sharing

my awesome shopping experience

at Nell Hill's in Kansas City,

that I would show you

what we purchased.

 (Click HERE to see the Nell Hill's Tour)

This photo courtesy of NellHillsblog.com


Nell Hill's my new best friend!

Hubby had a conference four hours away in Kansas City. I rode along just to visit my new best friend!

I am talking about a furniture and decor store called Nell Hill's! It is just so fabulous that they allowed me to take pictures so I can share them with you.

Mary Carol Garrity opened this store in Atchison, Kansas and now has opened a new 16,000 sq. ft. store in Kansas City. This is the one that I went to. Nell Hill's has a blog, and a website! You just have to see this! I am so in love!

What do you get out of this tour...Tons of ideas and in such beautiful surroundings!


Gorgeous Shelving Unit

I am very drawn to these types of shelving units.

  I realize that these are Victorian and my style of decorating is certainly not Victorian.

    But it's the romance of the curves...

                 And the spindles that gets me every time!


Jewelry Stand for Lisa

My daughter Lisa, came back home for a week from Wisconsin, where she is currently living.

Her best friend (since 1st grade) Mandi, got married and Lisa was a bridesmaid.

While Lisa was in town, we did some Mommy/Daughter time and on a shopping trip to a store going out of business, Lisa found this...


Sit A Spell

I love it when a unplanned plan comes together!

 That is the case with these two chairs...

I found them out at a garage sale recently...already with the hard part done...stripped to the bone!


Wicker Drawer Stand

I happened upon a wicker drawer stand that caught my eye at a garage sale.

The price was right

So I bought it

But the piece could use a bit of a design lift.


Electrifying Sconces

It took me a while, but I finally DID IT!

What did I do?

Well, years after making two sconces and using them for wall art, I FINALLY electrified them.

Let's go back to the beginning...


Side Table Renew!

Do you remember this side table with drawer?


Well, let me jog your memory...

Remember this?


Nest Platter

I have had some fun

This summer

With making things

Out of Nests!


A Bread Box and A Table

I will start with the bread box...

 Below is how I purchased it at a garage sale...


Cutest Baby Gift EVER!

I am so pleased with the outcome of this baby gift and think it's the






Back Yard Gardens 2013!

I thought you might like to take a stroll through my yard with me. This has been a good weather year for plants and mine are flourishing.You will understand why we love being at home, puttering in the gardens and happy as can be!

All area beds and burms are lined with stone. I just spray round up once a year in Spring in front of the stones to keep the grass at bay and there is little weedeating needed.


Front Yard Gardens 2013!

I thought you might like to take a stroll through my yard with me. This has been a good weather year for plants and mine are flourishing.You will understand why we love being at home, puttering in the gardens and happy as can be!


What Is It?

At first glance I thought this was a vintage bird cage stand.


Wood Lamp

Humor me here...

I love making lamps...

I love making chandeliers...

Any kind of lighting that's creative...

Maybe I've missed a calling!


Lavender Harvest

If you are like me, you love the smell of Lavender! I have one plant that has grown very large next to my driveway...
I cut it back and get loads of this...


Garden Whimsy & Fairy Garden

Sit back and enjoy a bit of my 2013 garden whimsy!

Hen in the work boots is about to bloom!


Mud Room Update

Do you remember this?
 After building the new Hobby Garage, we were able to free up the old tool room and convert it to our new mud room.


Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table

What an interesting antique table I found! I believe it is walnut and it's unique with the framed glass removable top! Here is the before...


Summer Banner

Welcome to Summer!

My Favorite Season

To Celebrate it,

I made a

Summer Banner!


Tables, Tables, Tables

Here are a few tables that  I recently transformed.
1. Wicker Tray Table

09 10