It's All In The Family

This post is being written from my heart to my son.
                      This is about his family,
                                                 his ties,
                                                          his family history.


It's all about the DeTaiLs ~ Chair!

Chair Back
It truly is 

All about the details

Especially when you

Are talking about



White Teapot Crystal Lamp!

The best thing about Winter for me is, that I am able to stay in out of the cold and create! This peticular day, I decdied to combine a tired looking vintage crystal lamp with ceramic teacup, saucer and teapot.


Give me more Light!

My sewing room is an itty-bitty room 
                                  that is under the stairs in the basement
                                                                              and I just love it!


Arch Window Find!

You know the feeling...

    When you come upon something...

                      That takes your breath away.


Furniture Dance!

If you are a follower, you will have noted that I just shared THIS post on my Stairwell Reveal! Which brought on...New carpet and padding. So this is the domino effect!
What brings on new carpet and pad?
 The complete emptying out of each bedroom! Including closets because there is carpet in closets!
 What a cleansing production that was. 

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