Old Settee Breathes New Life!

You probably didn't even miss me, but we have been gone to Vegas Baby!

If you are ever going and can catch a show, you should see Terry Fator! He won America's Got Talent in 2008 and puts on a really well done and funny show.

On with the Settee project...


Germany to America

In celebration of my ancestors, I designed my mantel to show the journey from Germany to America!
In 1910, my Great, Great Grandparents and their 5 children left Mosbach, Germany and sailed on the S.S. Lapland heading to Ellis Island in America.


Pretty Canisters!

My neighbor is a pharmaceutical sales person.

She has a bunch of plastic canisters that she can no longer give to her clients...

And she didn't know what to do with them so she gave me several.


Fun Kansas Finds!

We took a trip to Kansas to visit my son and two of my sisters. I thought I would share with you some of the fun pieces that we purchased on our trip. I fell in love with this blue bird platter and for only $1, I had to have it.


China Garden Flower Tutorial!

I have seen some whimsical garden flowers made out of various dishes and fun glass items.

It's easy and simple to do.

Here's how...


Homemade Rain Chain

Do you ever come across cheap, old silver spoons at thrift stores and garage sales and wonder what you can do with them? In the past I have made hooks out of them like these...
Well, I came across a bag of spoons for $2 at a garage sale and thought I would make a homemade rain chain out of them. Here is a short tutorial on how I did it.


The Rest Of The Story...on our Pillars!

As you may have read my previous, The Pillar Story...if not you can go HERE.

We have SEVEN vintage columns and enjoy every one of them.

That was until our Kansas trip!

My grown son lives in Kansas and we go out yearly for a visit. He knows our taste and surprised us with this...
Yes, four more, truly awesome pillars on stand bases, capitals and with globes!

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