A Living Fence!

Several years ago, we planted some honeysuckle next to our back fence row. We purchased it from Lowes and it's called Hall's Honeysuckle and it's known for it's wonderful old-fashioned smell.


A Pillar Story

We have a saying in our house, "If one is good then Moore is better."  Why?, because Moore is our last name and it seems that this trait runs in the family.

I have dreamed of having a column on each side of my fireplace in the living room. Then one day, while at a garage sale, we came across five columns that had come off a historic homes front porch and some given to this guy by friends. They were various sizes and in various conditions of decay, but they were a great price! Long story short, we purchased them all.

I striped and sanded and restored the largest two and hubby made new bases for them to stand on. They turned out beautiful and grace my living room as desired. They were a ton of work to get to this point but with my 10 foot ceilings, they look fabulous!


Another Teacup Chandelier!

Ready for another Teacup Chandelier? This time I made it from a vintage 5 arm chandelier! I think it turned out romantic and charming. Don't you?


Grandma's Tureen

I must admit, I have been coveting something for a long time! I know it's wrong to do that, but quite unexpectedly, I was presented it! What is it? That's right, it's Grandma's Tureen.


Petite Teacup Chandy!

I made this cute and petite teacup chandelier by using the inside parts to an old light fixture,


Dirty Little Secret~!

I have a

dirty little secret

about my home...

it is showing signs of rot!


Circle Garden Seating

If you haven't noticed...I have been gone from my blog, on vacation to Kansas and Oklahoma to see my son, and two of my sisters, one has a winery! But I am back now and thought that you might enjoy this...
I enjoy my yard so much. I love to be out in it when the days are warm and sunny. I like to see how many of the flowers are blooming, how green the weed-free grass is and I even love to mow, albeit  it's easy since I have a riding mower!

I have yet another brick story! When the new garage was built and bricked, there was some left-over brick. I didn't want to just stack it at the back of the yard, but use it instead.

I have a quaint area near some pine trees that is shady and cool in the summer with a sweet little table and chairs. So, I decided to get creative and plant a circle pad of brick for this table and chairs to rest.

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