Round Mirror Love

I have an attraction to old mirrors and this round one is currently one of my favorites!

Remembering back when I was just a young 20 year old and an old oak secretary was given to me and my hubby. It was the kind with the glass door display cabinet on one side and the drawers with slant opening desk and a mirror above. Well that old mirror was all messed up and I didn't appreciate it and had it re-silvered.

Today, I probably would not do such a thing.

But then again, there is paint that I would do!

Here is how this mirror looked when I first got it (sans the mirror)...


Table Settings Eye Candy Ideas

Every year our church as a
 Holiday Extravaganza 
where ladies decorate a table and host it for the evening of food, fellowship and fun.

Here are some, but not all of the tables that were decorated this year...a good way to get some ideas for your holiday table setting.

There are tons to share, so grab a drink and sit back...I'm sure you will find a favorite one!



Birthday Girl

My daughter
After years of infertility since the birth of my son, Charlie,
 9 years prior


Songbook Page Christmas Tree

I have a wreath that I made using rolled music book pages...

And thought, "Hey why not make another shape out of the same rolled up pages".

Plus, I wanted to show you early enough so that you could make one for Christmas if you so felt the desire!

I started with a clear plastic cone shape like this, but you can use any cone made out of different material like heavy card stock...


How To Make Faux Chalkboards

Recently I shared with you a few pictures from my Son's wedding.

To not step on any toes, I told my Daughter-In-Law (DIL) that she needed to tell me if she wanted me to make something for the wedding.

One of the things that she asked me to make was a couple of chalkboards.

This was my problem...How would I get these chalkboards from Illinois to Kansas in our car without messing up the writing?

Here is how I solved this issue...Faux Chalkboards!


A Floor Lamp to Drool Over!

I recently did a post on this side table

Now I want to show you just how UGLY

This floor lamp started out...


Edgar's Bed!

This story is pure Kismet.

Here's my story as it happened!

In our new hobby garage, we have an attic storage space above with a drop down ladder.

I was up there selecting furniture to bring down to paint.

As I was stacking things up for Hubby to help carry down, I stacked an old vintage leather suitcase on top of this...


Wedding and Courtly Check Tea Service!

I took some time off from my blog to work on wedding things for my son's wedding. I was asked to make a couple of chalkboards and here is one, Friends of...

 I was also asked to make all the burlap table runners...

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