Feedsack Wreath!

I have been inspired by seeing my friends burlap flowers and another's wreath on a blog.

So I thought I would give it a try...

Here is my finished
   Feedsack & Burlap Wreath!


Our Study / Multi Purpose Room!

Our study has changed over and over in the 11 years that we have lived here. According to the building plans, this is really the formal dining room. Though I think formal dining rooms are pretty, if you are like me, with a very small family, that can be a waste of square footage in your home.


French China Hutch!





I was not looking for a china cabinet, even though I have my Great Grandmother's china. 

But, it seems when one has something on their mind, these things tend to find a solution.


Anniverasry Wall Art Tribute and a Love Story!

It's the year of my 20th anniversary!

I know a lot of people my age have been married a lot longer than that, but I have been blessed to have FINALLY found the perfect mate for me...after a dud or two or three or four! Not marriages mind you!

I have decided to tell you how we met and during this process, tell you how I made this Anniversary Wall Art Tribute!


A Sweet Little Thing!

Just a sweet little side table made sweeter 
with gray chalk paint and...


A Touch of Easter Decor!

It's Easter Time 

I thought

I would

Show you



Changes & Opportunity for U!

This guest bedroom has been one of my all time popular posts, but with all things in my life, change is happening because of this...
I fell in love with this Hobby Lobby fabric and since I have been sewing for over 45 years, when I get a whim to do something different, nothing usually stops me.

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