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Crisp Architects traditional porch
Have you ever noticed all the ANTLERS in room decor these days? There is a wonderful website with a wealth of beautiful homes called, houzz.com, and you can search photos with anything you are looking for. Since I have seen tons of antlers in room decorating, I decided to do a search and see the UNexpected and expected. See if you can find the antlers.



What happens when you

 marry a wire picture holder

 with a vintage wooden shoe form?

This is what you get...


Brick Border

What to do with old brick.

We had purchased a bunch of old brick from someone that had to get rid of it. And he sold it to us at a very low price...less than 10¢ per brick.

Initially, we laid this at the end of our driveway for our daughter to park her car when she began driving. Here is a picture of the basket weave design that I laid. It started off level but this area gets really wet in the rains and it didn't stay flat for long with the weight of her car.

It served it's purpose until...
Our new garage was built in this very location!


Roses, Paint-by-Number!

I picked these, sweetly painted lovelies, up at an estate sale. I have not seen Paint-by-Number art in a long time and thought these were very well done.


It's all in the DETAILS!

I wrote a post about our new addition of a two car hobby garage that you can see HERE. However, I wanted to talk about the details that we almost missed...The brick!

The brick masons were here and bricked the new garage with the matching brick on the house. When they completed it, there was a bit of brick left-over and our contractor came by to see the progress. He noticed this...


Iron Bench!

Last year during garage sale season, I picked up an old iron bench.

I reupholstered it and put in my booth for sale.


White Ironstone Hutch

I can't express to you enough how much I really enjoy my hutch. It has been my favorite piece of furniture to decorate and change out as my heart desires.

My reveal this time, is to show you the hutch decorated with mostly some white ironstone pieces that I have here and there throughout my home. Here we go again...


My NEW Old Bridge Arm Lamp!

Last fall Hubby and I went to a Fabulous Flea Market in Bloomington, IL, and I picked up an old bridge arm lamp that I fell in love with. I did a post on this trip HERE, however this is the lamp in the shape that I purchased it.

I cleaned it up, saw some rust on the straight  part of the pipe, so I only painted those two areas brown. I loved the patina on the rest of the lamp, so I left it.

Notice the wire below the ornate bridge arm to the bulb area. When I rewired that, I chose to thread the wire in and out through the scrolls to help hide the wire.

Here it is now, all cleaned up and looking sweet, in all it's detail...

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