Cutest Pink Pillow and Stool

This all started yesterday as I was cleaning out the memory sticks on my old Sony Cyber-Shot camera to get it ready to list on eBay. I was lucky enough to get a new camera for Christmas and don't need my old reliable one anymore, when I came across these pictures.

I make so much stuff that I forget about them if I don't take pictures. I had made this pink set, pillow and covered stool several years ago. I advertised them for sale somehow, I don't even remember that and a lady called me to buy them. She and her young teen daughter came over and picked them up. She said that Make A Wish Foundation was paying for her to redecorate her daughters room since it was her daughters wish. The daughter look very well but had had cancer of some kind.  It was quite a surprise when she told me.  I'm sorry that I don't remember much about this but thought it was odd to see these pictures left in the camera and to have a faded memory about them. Terry
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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and letting me know that was a Duncan Phyfe table. I am glad the table was beat up when I started painting it. Because I started looking into the prices of those and I flipped lol. But I love it now even more! Thanks so much for the great compliment. Coming from you that is awesome. You are incredibly talented! Take Care.
    Deja Renew.


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