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My beloved Maternal Grandmother passed away a year ago at the ripe old age of 93. My mother was her only child. Mom just mailed Grandma's pictures that she divided up between us, her 5 daughters, and here are some really old and interesting pictures that I received.

My Grandpa (Alfred Joseph Heimerman) and Grandma (Dorothy Rose Nigg) 1936 wedding picture. Grandma was standing on a brick to make her taller than her 5'1" height. She also had make-up on to hide her black eye that her brothers accidentally gave her playing ball. Grandma was 18 and Grandpa was 26.
The best man is Seb Heimerman, Grandpa's older brother and my God Father.

During WWII, Grandma was a true "Rosey The Riveter", and worked on airplanes. My middle name is Rose after her. After the war she became a hair dresser for the rest of her life. My Grandpa was a machinist for Boeing. Now, my son is a machinist.

Here is my Grandfather's parents 1900 wedding picture.
Mike and Catherine Heimerman from Germany. Catherine died after giving birth to my Grandpa. It affected him the rest of his life, not having the mother that his older siblings had.

And lastly, A picture of my Grandma (Dolly to her friends), shopping downtown Wichita, Ks, which is where she lived most of her life. Photographers would be on the street corners and snap pictures, stop the person and ask their name and address so they could buy the photo. This picture was taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Grandma always dressed up to shop and wore her mink coats. Definitely a different time.
 Between all my sisters, I think that I look the most like Grandma Dolly and Great-Grandma Catherine. Can't get away from those genetics or those cankles.


  1. My maternal Grandmother (97 y/o) just passed away in the fall and I just rec'd many photos, too - I am amazed how the women always dressed up. My grandmother used to do housework in her high heels! I also rec'd some lovely pieces of her jewelry. She was my most favorite person and is truly missed! Love your photos. especially the 2nd wedding photo!

  2. Hi Terry! What a great post! I love that you have so many of your families old photos now, especially the wedding ones! And my mother's middle name is Rose, too! Named after her maternal grandmother.

    I'm gearing up for my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY on June 8th and would love for you to join us. This would make a terrific post to link up to the party and you are welcome to link more than just this one if you want! Stop by and read all about it!

    Big TX Hugs,


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