Lucky Day!

I wanted to share a really lucky day that I had last Tuesday AND why it could be YOUR lucky day soon!

I went to my clients home to decorate but had to be at my local spa by 3pm for a discount party, since I was treating myself to a massage the very next day, I wanted it at a discount if I could...and I did.

Anyway, I was getting ready to leave after I paid for my purchases (make-up, massage and facial), when they told me to hang around for 5 more minutes because they would announce a give-away. Reluctantly, I stayed even though I was tired from my earlier day of decorating.  They called out a number and guess what? It was MINE! I had won $125 in products!!!  That was certainly worth the extra 5 minutes.

Then I went home and looked at my emails. I received an email from Anu of Mydreamcanvas.blogspot.com. (fabulous photography and shop) She told me that I had won her give-away of $75 for anything at Arcadian Lighting.  Well, you could have knocked me over by this time. I was excited AGAiN!

Today, my selection arrived...
It's the sweetest parakeet lamp in shabby chic style.
I adore the twisted pleated shade and the eyelash fringe on the bottom. Thank you so much Anu! By the way, did you notice the fantastic old picture of the two little sisters kissing? The story on this is it was found at auction in a box full of scrapbooks and memorabilia of generations of one family. This picture is of the two girls that are sisters from an affluent family. I have no connection with them other than some of the pictures in this box are outstanding.
This is another picture of this family...now my instant ancestors.
I know the names of these people from studying all the information in the box and the names on the back of the pictures. Lesson learned - put names on the back of your pictures if you print them out. Here's what I try to do on the backs of my pictures, name of person____, relationship to _____ ie, son or daughter of____, etc. and year.

Here's where the small world comes in to play, remember I have no connection with this family, but they were from Quincy, IL, where I live now. And they lived in Tulsa, OK and worked in the oil business, and I lived in Tulsa and worked as an accountant for Amoco for 10 years!

The sad part is that all this information is lost to the future generations of this family. Someone didn't want this 'stuff' or there is no one left. Either way, it's kinda sad but I am enjoying it and felt like a researcher gathering all kinds of information and putting the pieces of their life all together.
Here's the reason that IT COULD BE YOUR LUCKY DAY SOON. I am getting ready to celebrate my one year anniversary with this blog, so keep watching my website and I will announce my give-away in a few days. I so appreciate all of my followers! And all of my commenter's! You all make me happy!!


  1. Congratulations on your good luck and great prizes.

  2. Congratulations on your wins. How wonderful. Best of all....the spa treatment. The history is wonderful....it's amazing how history is lost like this. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. I am so happy for you Terry. Congrats again and you have an awesome blog.

  4. Wow, you sure have some good luck. Congratulations! Those are some beautiful pictures. It is sad how history is lost. I hope my children hold on to things and pass them onto their kids...and on and on.

  5. ooohhh...i am so jealous over that lamp! WOWSA girl it was truely your lucky day!


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