Update on Life

Since I quit posting to my blog, we welcomed our newest granddaughter, little Eva Rose to the family on Oct. 17. We were able to head out for a week of joy holding her in Kansas.

 And here, Eva is all filled out, healthy and beautiful at one month old. She looks so much like her daddy that it warms my heart even more because it brings back so many memories of him.
I have kept busy with the wedding of my daughter on Oct. 7...
I was able to make her wedding dress...

And I made an advent ladder and felt owl Christmas tree for my older granddaughter, Isla Rose...

I also repainted my master bedroom...

I will keep the before and after tab updated with pictures for you to enjoy.


  1. Congratulations on EVERYTHING and Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving. You are so blessed. Everything is looking awesome as always!

  3. Beautiful family, congratulations on the new arrival x

  4. So glad you visited and updated! Congratulations on theses beautiful life events 😃

    Happy Thanksgiving...

  5. So happy for you and your family, wishing you only the best! I will admit, it was nice to see this post, I miss your blogs!


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