Faux Spool Cabinet

This is too good not to write a post about! I have loved antique spool cabinets for as long as I can remember. And since I have been sewing for 50 years, it makes sense that I love them.
Since I didn't want to pay the price that these cabinets cost, I thought I could finally make my own version of it.
I found this cabinet on a local Facebook site for sale for $20. It looked a bit rough to me but something that I could work with.
When I got it, it stunk sooooo bad. As well as having a bad paint job. I cleaned it well, letting it set in the sun all day then painted it inside and out (except for the drawer fronts) with a Kilz product that seals wood and stink. Then, I stripped the drawer fronts to reveal solid walnut. With the drawers being double dovetailed, front and back and the style of the cabinet, my husband dated it to 1870's to early 1900. Sadly the top which I would have wanted to strip back to the walnut, was just a piece of plywood.

Using a product called Amazing, I molded my own forms for the missing trim pieces by placing this clay product over the parts that were there. Then using a liquid resin of the same product name, I made my own casting of the missing knobs and trim, (you can see these in white).

I also took the opportunity to do something fun with the plywood top using yardsticks and new trim. I used the Silhouette Electronic Cutter program and my Silhouette to design and cut stencils for all the wording I needed.

After some labor of love here is the final outcome. 

I am in love with it. And it will find a home in my sewing room today.


  1. I love this! So creative! Especially like how you made the molded pieces

  2. Love this dresser, inspirational job!!

  3. Beautiful job, love the yard stick top. Enjoy.

  4. I adore this! What a great job. Honestly, I'm a but jealous!


  6. It's amazing! A real labor of love. It's simply gorgeous. Love every single thing about it and I had no idea you could mold missing trim pieces like that.

  7. Great job, it looks FAN.TAS.TIC!
    I love the yard sticks with it~made me laugh for the obvious addition!

  8. Wow! Lovely! You did an amazing job, congratulations! Please share photos of your new cabinet in your sewing room.

  9. Love it! You are truly crazy creative- inspired to give this a hi! Thanks for the idea about crafting missing trim and knob pieces!!! Brilliant work!

  10. So beautiful and clever! You did a beautiful and creative job!

  11. Terry so nice to meet you, and good luck with the MacKenzie Childs tote drawing!
    This is spectacular, and that AMAZING product is truly amazing! Wowza. My favorite part is your yard stick top! What a clever redo!

  12. I must say you are very talented for doing all of this all by yourself, Only work I have learned to do on wood is staining so far.


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