My history with These TableS

First, I must preface this post with two tables that I painted...

These two tables came into my life and I painted them black with featured tops that were different...after all these table were different, but way too cool.  I had them all over the house and as you see above, I even had them in my living room at one point in time. I finally sold them with the last one going recently. Yes, I loved them but I had my fun with them. Time to move on.

Yet another one of these tables recently came into my life. They just seem to find me! Here is what it looked like when I found it.
The top had some slight damage on it. It is walnut veneer and some of it was loose. I glued it and clamped it down. The top has a design that I found pleasing. I fully intended on painting this piece black like the other ones and do some kind of paint treatment on the top. But after fixing the top, I just had to refinish only the top. I think it came out beautiful.
However, I didn't want the whole piece like this so I painted the legs and skirting white and put on a walnut satin. I then dry brushed back over that with the same white. This will tone down the stain and give it a more professional look to the piece.

Now it sits in my Green Toile Guest Bedroom that you can see the post on that here.

I really love how versatile these tables are. I think that they are referred to as parlor tables or foyer tables since they are higher than most side tables. Please click on any of the pictures to see the details better. Terry

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  1. I just painted mine all white. Do you know the proper name for these tables? I'd love to know what they are called.

    Yours is beautiful by the way.

  2. I also have one that I painted black, with white stripes on the top...love it...and it was free! Love the one you did with stripes and polkas!

  3. They look great! You did a fantastic job painting them. Your rooms are beautiful.
    Thank you for the tip today on the vents. Going to go back and paint them :)

  4. Beautiful, I want to be your guest!!


  5. As cute as the black tables are, this last one is my favorite. So pretty! You did an awesome job with all three. :)

    I'm a Florida girl. I've never seen snow. Ever. Your snow photos in the previous post made my jaw drop. Just unbelievable!

  6. Looks lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) Blessings, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  7. Aren't you lucky to have these find you and then to be so creative when they do! I love the way you left the top wood - it makes it seem warmer (not that you need warm with all the snow)! I also love this room! I especially love the chandelier. I am a new follower!

  8. They are all totally awesome, but my favorite is the last one that you have in your guest room. It's so lovely.

  9. I really like what you did with the new table. It looks beautiful in your guest room. Pam

  10. WOW! I liked the tables painted black but I had to look back twice when I saw them painted out in white! The power of paint!!!

  11. Looks so great with the painted legs and stained top. Such cute little tables and the perfect size for just about anywhere!

  12. Love the new LOOK...just my style!!!!


  13. :) You have amazing ideas ...wonderfull blog

  14. I love them! Those pics are so inviting. Thanks for sharing!8>)

  15. I love the look of the dark stain with the white paint. I think I'll tackle a similar project this week.

  16. I do love the painted bottom with the stained top look! I have a buffet that I am wanting to paint/stain similar to this.

    Lovely piece!

  17. Love it. I'm glad you were able to salvage the veneer top, it's so pretty. Great job, very simple and very elegant at the same time.

  18. Hi there, found you a couple of days ago on another MM and just want to say I love your blog! I am now a follower and hope to learn some of your paint techniques (I do not paint so this should prove interesting!) so I can do some of my own pieces that desperately need updating!
    Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your beautiful home!

  19. Beautiful. And that bedroom is gorgeous. Great job, you are quite the decorator. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  20. love the light bottom and dark stained top...classic and so pretty!

  21. What a gorgeous table! You did an amazing job!

  22. Nice job! I see these tables often in antique stores. I like them better painted.
    Dropping by from Met Monday. I hope you'll come see my daughter's dining room redo.


  23. Love these tables. They are so versatile for each room of the house. Thank you for sharing.

  24. I love that you did the two-toned, it looks fabulous! :)

  25. I love the white legs and the stained top!

  26. Love these tables! Love the top and the gorgeous white!!

  27. Your table looks so much better and I love the way you used it in the bedroom!!

    Susan and Bentley

  28. Oh, I love these tables. The last one is beautiful. Could you tell me what "dry brush" is?
    You did a great job on the white...:)

  29. Very pretty! I'd like to try this treatment on a table I just got.

  30. You have just inspired me when I was looking for inspiration! Your tables, all of them, are awesome! Can I ask you, I know it's easy to sand down to bare wood on a level surface but what did you use to get into the routered edge?? My table is so similar but I just don't know what to use to get into the tight spots...thanks a million!


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