The story of The 3 Little Roosters!

Mr. White Rooster!
This is the story of three little roosters. One is Black, One is Red and One is White. They were given to me by a dear friend that is in the chicken business. They are known for being cute and adorable. They used to stand on their own legs at different heights, had all different patterns on their bodies and cute raffia tails...
And they gathered above my refrigerator but when this photo was taken, they must have been gone chasing the hens...
So one day, the owner of these roosters decided to get a new perch (refrigerator).
This led to a new problem for the roosters, oh my! There was no room in the Inn left for them. What to do? The owner knew that all the rooms in the Inn were full, but wanted to keep these cute and adorable roosters around.  She came up with a great idea! (light bulb moment, please). Surgery is involved but won't be seen due to the graphic nature of process. However I will tell you that she, the doctor drilled a hole with a spade bit in the under part of the belly where the legs used to be attached.  This allowed a hole for gluing in all sorts of cute ribbon...perfect for a tassel! Yes, these roosters will be transformed into more sweet tassels for the house. She, the doctor also surgically removed the raffia tails and replaced with a newer, cooler and cuter version of a tail.  Here is the new and improved versions of these guys. Terry

I hope that you enjoyed the story of the three little roosters and their transformation into a new and improved life.

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  1. Terry what a GREAT post your hilarious!! I love how you transformed those cute little guys into tassels. Enjoy your weekend, Martina

  2. Good Morning Terry,
    Now you really did think outside the box on this one..Oh girl your tassels are just darling..as everything you do my friend..Hope you have a GREAT weekend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. I have LOTS of chickens. Surely I can find at least one to make a tassel.

  4. What a journey your chickens have taken! They are very cute.


  5. Those turned out so cute! I am thankful your chicken episode came out without any injury to you. Mine wasn't quite so injury free. I am definitely going to have to try it your way.

  6. Hi Terry,
    What a great way to re-do what you love and make it work!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh my goodness these little chicken are sooo cute! And your story of how they came to be had me cracking up! Do you also make tassels?

  8. Hey Terry....way to go with the roosters!! waaaaay cute!! I love your style very much....so that being said I ahve a favor to ask. I am having a little trouble with my living room. And I am asking all of my most favorite and talented blogger friends to give me any suggestions they have...and of course that includes you. When you ahve a minute could you stop by and leave any suggestions you might think of. I would really appreciate it.

  9. Too funny. I'm your newest follower! I'f love for you to come visit!


  10. Hello!!
    I'm here from Sunday Spotlight Party, and my kitchen is decorated in Roosters! What a fabulous idea! I may have to send some of my roosters to the "doctor" too!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. They turned out fantastic. I love their tale. :)


    I just gave you an award! You can find out about it here!

    An Award for YOU!

    Congrats! :)

  12. Hi Terry, thanks for visiting me. Great idea, turning your chickens into tassels! They are adorable.


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