Do you want to take a house tour of a new home? But not mine... I am friends with a builder's wife. When her hubby gets done building a home, we usually go and clean it so the new owners can move in. We don't have the luxury of being there alone. Seems as though there are tile guys finishing up, electricians and plumbers, even carpenters doing the last minute finishes. This home was no different, but the electricians left early and the tile guys left about an hour before we finished. We can't get it perfect since the workers are still in there, but we get it mostly clean for the new owners. Let's go on a tour of this farmhouse.

This house was an hour away from where we live. On the way there we drove by the biggest snapping turtle that I have ever seen. It was the size of a dinner plate, so I hollered, "Stop, I gotta get a picture!"
 Now on with the tour...
Walking in the front door, you see a stairway going upstairs
See the french doors? That is the office and my daughter that helped us clean, forgot to take a picture of it. So lets go on upstairs.
This is the hall upstairs where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.
 This is the daughters bedroom. They had some stuff moved in.

 This is the upstairs bathroom that the kids will share.
This is the sons bedroom.
Now lets go back to the main floor and look around, but first see the view from upstairs down into the livingroom.

Okay, my daughter didn't take any other pictures of the livingroom. It has a see through fireplace that looks into the breakfast table area and kitchen.

My daughter took a picture of me in the kitchen after the tile guys left. The builder's wife is behind my head cleaning up. The tile guys will have to come back the next day to grout. I am facing the breakfast table area and see through fireplace which she did not take a picture of. I never said that she was detail oriented.
 Down the hall from the livingroom is a guest bedroom and private bathroom. Daughter did not take a picture of the bath in this room, but it's a nice standard bath.
This is the laundry room off the master bedroom. They still have a bit of work to do in here before it's done.
This is the master bedroom. It features a bay window. Then the master bathroom is off this to the right along with a huge walk-in closet. The tile guys still have to finish up in here too.

Lets head on to the basement. The door is in the living room that goes to the basement.
 The stairs still needs to be carpeted.

 A storage closet under the stairs.
 Basement bathroom.
Walk-out basement and the view you see is their horses and barn.

This is the basement bedroom.
My daughter also didn't take a picture of the powder room and cool mud room complete with huge closet and bench and cubby area.  There is also a large walk-in pantry.

So lets review. Main floor has, two bedrooms, laundry, powder room, two bathrooms (master and guest), kitchen, breakfast dining room, living room, office, and mud room.
Upstairs floor has, two bedrooms and a bathroom.
Basement floor has, one bedroom, a bathroom and huge living area.

That's four and a half bathrooms and five bedrooms! This is one of the smaller homes this builder builds and he is working on finishing his own home and I have the pleasure of helping his wife pick the finishes. I just wall papered their powder room yesterday, so soon I will be able to show you their stunning and HUGE home.
I hope you enjoyed this tour...next time I will be the one taking the pictures, so you can see all the house. Even though it's empty, it's always fun to see a new home and it's layout and finishes, don't you think?


  1. This house is fabulous and you are adorable! That is the cutest picture of you in the kitchen.

  2. Nice house! And so much space. Love all the tile work.

  3. I love house tours of any kind, empty, furnished, big, small etc.
    The home has many great features.
    Thanks for the tour! :)
    Have a great day,

  4. Terry,
    Thanks for visiting me and for the kind words about my boys! That house is lovely! My BF and I cleaned one house for a builder years ago and it was a diaster! His crew kept coming in and we had to keep cleaning up after them and they got paint all over the windows. He wanted us to clean more but our answer was a big NO!

  5. Yes, please! I can imagine living here . . . as long as it comes with maid service, lol!

    Just lovely!

  6. Terry I love that turquoise bathe and that stunning light fixture!!

    Come and enter my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  7. I love your blog! I am so glad I found it. I love tours of homes and this was a treat. Can't wait to see the other house, too! Have a great day.


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