Let's Talk Stools


Rooster #1
Today, let's talk stools...normal, boring bar stools. These were inexpensive and would tuck under the bar out of the way. I have white kitchen cabinets so the white legs would blend in and sort of just go away...just what I wanted. However, I do like a pop of color and these stool tops were just not cutting it. So out came the paints and in no time two roosters and a combo monogram for my hubby and me appeared. Now they still tuck under the bar, but have a bit of style.

Our combined monogram

Rooster #2


  1. Hi Terry, I actually love bar stools made of solid wood. I painted mine white and simply distressed it a bit, and keep it in my kitchen it's always in use. Love what you did with yours, you're really talented!

  2. Wonderful job, your stools looks so beautiful:))
    Greetings from Biljana


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