Welcome to my OtHeR Guest Bedroom!

Looking in from the doorway. I made the silk curtains.
 Welcome to my second guest bedroom. This room was so fun to put together...mostly with garage sale finds, some antiques and lots of love! Enjoy

All 3 garage sale finds. I added the things inside the frames and jar.

Frame from TJ Maxx, Antique baby cabinet card photo.
Flying angel from TJ Maxx; Rose picture from a local boutique.
Found this dresser at a garage sale for $25. I loved the detail. I painted and distressed it but kept the original hardware.

Tassel from Hobby Lobby.

Ethan Allen 3 tier stand, $1 from garage sale!

Santos Doll from Jeffery Alan store, crown is a Christmas ornament from Hobby Lobby.

Plate, 50¢ from garage sale.

Bookcase found unfinished at Ben Franklin, Hubby added some new trim and I painted it white. Chair from Hubby's grandmother. I made the pillows, lace on back of chair
from garage sale.

Birdcage, $2 at garage sale.

My Great Grandma's china. Doily and books from garage sales.

Bird from Hobby Lobby. Doily made from flax grown in Germany by my Great Grandma, woven then made into a dresser scarf and tatted by her as well.
She died in 1980 at the age of 80.

Teapot is a gift from my sister purchased in London. Picture is of my Great Grandma, my grandma to the right of her and the rest of great grandma's kids right after her husband died in the early 1930's. All books used in decor from garage sales.

All garage sale finds.

Antique birdcage stand from garage sale $7. Already painted blue. Chandelier from eBay. I wired it into a plug for use with an outlet and covered the cord with a small fabric tubing.

Base of antique birdcage stand.

Needlepoint roses in frame from antique store $25. Two charcoal prints from garage sale $1 each.

Iron bed by Wesley Allen, blue matelasse from Overstock, I made the pillows, $3 lamps from garage sale. I also painted the ceiling this same blue color and it gives a real soft hint of color to this room.

Stool $6 (I recovered), hook rug $3 and needlepoint (I made pillow) all from garage sales.

I made this pillow from $1 garage sale valance and purchased this antique child's chair from another garage sale.

Brass sconce 50¢ from garage sale. I painted it white, wired it to a Hobby Lobby metal wall art and wired it into a plug for use. I also added the black shades and tassel.

I hand-painted the old silver spoon then beaded it and turned it into a lamp embellishment. Plates and mirrors all from garage sales. I added the "Dream" rub-on.

Garage sale $2 antique pitcher, antique cabinet photo 50¢ of children with the one on the left having a pacificer in his mouth (unusual) and a metal frog holding up the picture. Three hankies in pitcher 10¢ from a garage sale.

Garage sale mirror $1, I painted white and added the vinyl 'M'.
Built in dresser, entertainment center and double closets put in the house when it was built in 1997. I just took all the gold (brass) door knobs and hinges out of the house and replaced with levers in antique nickel finish.

Bottles $2 garage sale, Children...mine, Charlie 29, Lisa 20.

Garage sale finds, bottle $1.50, plate 50¢


  1. You have so many beautiful treasures! I love that your grandmother grew the flax for the linen for the doily that she made -- amazing!

  2. Hi Terry-
    You have a beautiful home and your photos are amazing and beautiful! Your blog is going to be a huge success - you just wait and see! You have a wonderful knack for decor and your ability to share your ideas with others is so gracious. Keep making these beautiful posts - the bloggers will come - I promise!

    Thank you for visiting me -


  3. I couldn't decide which treasure I liked best. I think I liked the fact that you are such a good shopper and creator. Love the pillow.

    come visit

  4. My favorite is the dresser! What a beautiful space.

  5. Love your wired lamp stand and I have the same plate you have, but mine is a platter shape that I got at Salvation Army. The pink floral is so pretty.

  6. Your guests are very lucky! What a beautiful room!

  7. What a beautiful room! Anyone would enjoy being a guest in your home. I came over from Cottage Instincts (I think!) I love that you have such wonderful family heirlooms--your great-grandma's china, and that amazing doily! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Gorgeous! When can I come over?? I love the Queen Bee pillow!


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