Real Feed Sack Pillows!

  I am so taken, in-love, infatuated, and just frankly crazy about all the feed sack designs. The uses are many from pillow, towels, clothing to upholstery. So. So , I thought I would try my hand at this. First, I had to find a soft feed sack that I loved the graphics. Bingo, At my local antique mall, I found just what I was looking for. This feed sack (no before pic) was not only soft, but it had two different graphics, one on each side and all for only $5.  I washed it first, then began the process. Here is the outcome!
The square pillow was made with black and white check back and piping.
Fun graphics on square pillow!
This side graphic was very stained. I first coffee stained to help mask the stains. Then brush fringe was used for the edges.

Buttonholes and buttons were used to be able to insert pillow form.
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  1. Terry,
    When you are ready to sell the Blackfoot, Idaho pillow, put me first on your list. since I am an Idahoan, it would be perfect. Great job!

  2. terry these are beautiful! i agree with gail, when you're ready to sell them, let us know! i would buy one in a heartbeat :)
    ps - i would try it myself, but i am completely UNcapable of using a sewing machine.

  3. I love anything that is made from a feed sack as well! I even removed my sofa cushion covers and used huge feed sacks for cover! So much more texture than before!

  4. Your pillows are wonderful!! I just love the feed sack things too!

  5. Oh my goodness, the pillows are fantastic, love the graphic of the foot, cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Your pillows are wonderful and have such character! I am becoming your follower. Hope you will stop by and visit me. Looking forward to your next post.

  7. I love them...that brush fringe finishes it off so classically.....beautiful job!

  8. These are wonderful. I so love grain sacks!


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