Master Bathroom Tour

The NEW Master Bathroom!
Marble floors using leftover tile.
 This house was built in 1997. The builder and his family lived here for the first five years then we bought the home and have lived here for the past eight years. I first went through the house painting and just doing minor updates. However, after we hit the five to six year mark, we started doing more major remodels. By that time, we knew how we lived in this house and what our needs were. The old master bathroom consisted of two rooms. One with carpet on the floor, one long sink vanity and a huge garden tub. And I am not a tub kind of gal. The second room has a shower and toilet on marble floor.  I love being hands on when it comes to projects of any kind so I found a wonderful young handyman/contractor that would allow me to work with him and we gutted the first room of the master bath. We then changed the door going into the shower/toilet room to be a pocket door. I couldn't find matching marble tile so I purchased limestone that coordinated and used the eight left-over tiles like a center 'rug'. We then put up bead-board wainscoting. We took the bead-board higher on the sink wall. This room is long and narrow, so I knew that pedestal sinks would open up the space but lacked in storage and surface space.
His and Her sinks with storage between.
So I purchased cabinetry and topped it with a scrap piece of Quartz from a local dealer.  Scrap pieces cost a lot less.  I then found an acrylic claw foot tub, since it's on the second story for less weight, and topped it off with a chandelier on a dimmer for mood lighting on those nights that I do want to soak in a tub. I've got to tell you, nothing hugs your shape better than a claw foot tub! Ahhhhhhhhh!  Hubby is always complaining about the heat...he says he sweats when we swims, so I also installed a ceiling fan, just for him.  But I found out that using the ceiling fan when I am in a hot bath keeps my face cool and I will stay in the tub longer. Bonus!  I painted the ceiling in a green shade that I made up mixing several paints together. I painted the upper walls in Sherwin Williams Practical Beige and the wainscoting a soft white.
Built-ins above toilet
I painted this tree on the wall
In the shower/toilet room, I painted the walls and added the hand painted tree for visual enjoyment. The shelving above the toilet was already there as well as all the huge crown molding in the first part of the room. Now hubby and I don't have to fight over the sink since we have our own. More space without the huge tub and easier to clean without the old carpet! Enjoy...

Taken in black and white...timeless!
Pillar is a garage sale find, and leaded glass window is trash to treasure
Door to walk-in closet and doorway from bedroom
I cut triangle tiles for doorways to match what is already on the main floor
Iron hall tree is a garage sale find. I also recovered and painted the vintage vanity stool


  1. Love, love, love this redo of your bathroom!

  2. oh I would just LOVE a claw foot soaking tub like this.....so jealous!

  3. Oh, your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Your bathroom is amazing! Simply gorgeous. I'm now your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Have a great week!

  5. OMG!!! I want to use your bath tub. The whole room is so inviting. What a transformation.

    Take care,

  6. I am new to your blog but I love it already!
    What an absolutely gorgeous job on the bath!
    I love it all, you have created such a beautiful space! That bathtub is to die for!

  7. Love the chandelier above the bath!

  8. beautiful redo! I ♥ your tub!!!!
    Found you through Make it 4 Monday :)

  9. Fabulous! Love the nice deep tub, I want one!

  10. Your new bathroom is gorgeous. I love the claw foot tub. Beautiful!!

  11. AStounding! I"m completely jealous. Someday I'll show everyone my master bathroom. Or not. Love all the touches you added like the pillar and window. Beautiful!

  12. Your bathroom is sooo beautiful! You did a great job!

  13. Terry, your master bath is just gorgeous. I LOVE to soak in the tub so the claw foot is for me!! I have a jacuzzi tub and find I use the jets occasionally but I am more of a soaker!!

    Your house is very pretty. I make my aunt take me for a drive where all the old Victorian mansions are in Quincy! I just love looking at them. We did a couple house tours when she was younger! She lives out in the "cluster" homes off of Columbus Rd area.

    Have a good day!

  14. What a beautiful bathroom! You really thought of everything. It's simply gorgeous!

  15. I love what you did to this room. I mean it was pretty nice before you even touched it but just goes to show what a bit of a personal touch can do. Can't wait to do my bathroom.. but that's right at the bottom of the list! take care, Maryann

  16. Can I just say I am jealous of your entire house, beautiful! The way you made your floors work in here is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your home.

  17. Terry your whole house is gorgeous!! I am in awe of your master bath!! Beautiful!!

  18. The bath is so elegant. Love how you used the extra tiles.

  19. I LOVE YOUR MASTER BATHROOM!!!! The lead glass window, the tub, the bead board...ALL of it! Thanks for the inspiration!!! xo

  20. Divine bath! Mine is in a half deconstructed state, and I am always looking for wonderful inspiration. I certainly found some here!

  21. what a stunning redo~!
    enjoy every moment in your new room.


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