Years of Making Ornaments

It all started with my son...he was born in 1981. I started making ornaments for my family every year. I won't bore you with 29 years of ornaments. Thinking I could use my creative juices to come up with a different design each year. Some years I was poor and it showed, some years I was tired and it showed, and some years I was very creative and it showed. Here are the past 18 years of ornaments.
Handpainted wooden sled. All had different character.
Paintbrush santa
Large wooden tags handpainted with scrapbooking deer
Handpainted bells, one side a snowman, the other says, "I'll be home with bells on". All had different snowman scene.
Wooden heart handpainted.
My best ornament - old spoon handpainted to look like snowman, handle bent for hook. All had different faces and colored hats.
Glass ornament stuffed with feathers, snowman head made from clay. This one is a bit scary.
Twig star base with greenery and snowman head. My primitive period.
This year I must have been tired. Purchased metal stockings that I handpainted. Easy.
Felt and sequined Santa. A lot of hand sewing that year.
Quilted ball, no sew, lots of folding.
One of the scariest, Angel from glove and doily. Wonder if it was a bad year?
More hand sewing year, felt angel bear.
A tired or poor year?, battenburg lace stocking.
Gingerbread man made with glue then sealed after painting.
Some of my Cross-stitch phase.
Another primitive ornament made from muslin.
Windsock, Cross-stitch and ribbon.

Note: Each one is dated (usually on the back) each has the recipients name or initial and my name as the giver. Initially, I was going to do it for each child until the age of 18. My son is 29 and my daughter is 20 and they won't let me quit. I threaten to stop making these each year and my son says, "Mom, your ornaments are the only ones that hang on my tree". How can I stop with a statement like that? So I make 7 each year (my son has a family). Terry
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  1. I am very impressed that you continued the tradition for so many years.

  2. Wow these are great...and I loe that you have photos of all of them, too! Happy Holidays

  3. Terry these are so cute! It's cool to see how your style has changed up through the years too. They are all special & I know these mean alot to your kids. I admire you for sticking to it..I'm shoving iTunes gift cards in stockings..so, that's where I am! JenT

  4. Terry, those are so cute. The paintbrush one really caught my eye. I guess because I paint so much. Thanks for joining the party. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Terry, the angel made out of the little glove was my favorite. I like it :D I think it is so neat that your kids ask for the ornaments. What did you make this year?

  6. Terry, that is so special! It takes a lot of work to create that many ornaments but what precious keepsakes!

  7. I would love to learn to make the quilted ball! I bought one at a craft fair and LOVE it! You've made so many pretty things over the years! Merry Christmas! ♥

  8. Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Hi Terry,
    What a great idea and they are all so pretty and unique!
    Merry Christmas,

  10. I LOVE getting special ornaments each year. These are great.

  11. I love these! How did you make the shape of the sleigh for 2010?


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