Fun Bling...Chandeliers!

My love for chandelier's came from seeing them in all their glory in magazines and on HGTV. Who would have known that so many would be in my life or have passed through my life? Certainly not me!

This chandelier is currently hanging in my living room (right). I replaced it from the builder's ceiling fan after I had painted a 5 1/2 foot wreath on the ceiling (below). I purchased this chandelier on ebay sans the crystals for $40. It looked like this (below).
Picture from eBay.
As my love for crystal chandelier's grew, so did my collection. I am an avid shopper of garage, estate and tag sales. I came across four of these sconces for 50¢ each, two are alike and two are different. They are sconces that I made into a different look. I will describe each as I show them.
The first picture is the original sconce from a garage sale. The second is what I did to two of them. First I found a metal framed mirror at Hobby Lobby. I took it to the glass store and had them drill two holes in it. One hole for wiring and one hole for attaching the sconce to the mirror. I then faux painted the sconces to match the metal of the mirror frame as closely as possible. Then I just added bobeches, crystals and eyelash fringed shades. You can see them both hanging here in my living room which I have not done a post on yet.
Again on this sconce (below) I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a metal wall art piece. I lightly dry brushed it white, attached my white painted sconce. Added crystals, a tassel and shades.
Eventually, I wired it to a plug and it looks like this now (below). As seen in this post about my Other Guest Bedroom.

The last sconce is in my powder room and currently it looks like this, as seen in this post about the powder room (below).
However, It used to have a vintage necklace hanging from it when I had the pink in the bathroom (below).
Here is another chandelier that I purchased on eBay. It is not old, but I needed one to fit an antique blue painted birdcage stand that I found at a garage sale for only $7(below). You can also see this in my post on my Other Guest Bedroom.
We decided that we would put up a pergola on the back patio. I have not done a post on that yet but after my young and cute handy, dandy handyman and I built the pergola, I told him that we should hang a chandelier from it because Hubby teases me about having a chandelier in every room. This didn't stay here but one season...I found out that when the candles were lit, the wind would blow ever so lightly and still get hot dripping wax on anything or anyone below it. Nix this candle chandelier outside, but my daughter has latched onto this one (below). Was a fun joke though.

Here is the chandelier above my claw foot tub. Purchased on eBay since I could get it cheaper than the same ones sold at Home Depot. It is wired on a dimmer and looks beautiful lit at night (below). You can see this on the post about my Master Bathroom.
Here is a type of chandy (below) that I made. It hung for a month in my kitchen realizing that nothing stays the same in my home. I made it from a 100 year old basket I got from my hubby's grandma. It was her mom's who lived to be just shy of 102, plus hubby's grandma just turned 89, so this could be older than 100 years! Add some crystal bead chain, a candle wrapped in vintage silverware and ribbon and it becomes a unique single candle chandelier (below).
This chandelier was given to me by a young couple that doesn't appreciate the beauty of chandelier's. It was in their first starter home when they purchased it and they were going to throw it away. I kept it for a short time in my master bedroom (below).
Why I kept it only a short time, is because I went to a garage sale one day and got this beauty for $2! (below) I sold the gifted one on eBay to get rid of it.
Yes, it looked just like that for only $2, I just wired it for a plug. I have since added more crystal chain to it and think it looks more French-like.
I have not done a post on our hall bath for the guest bedrooms, but I did a vinyl chandelier in there on the wall (below).
This chandelier (below) started off life as a foyer glass enclosed light fixture. I purchased it at a garage sale and just kept the middle part. I painted it white and took a teacup, drilled a hole, with a special bit, in the bottom and used a bobeche and crystals, combined them all together and it hangs from another bird cage stand that I found at a flea market in Tulsa. It is hanging along with the light I made for the ceiling from the same kind of fixture and a lamp shade which can be seen in this post about my Green Toile Guest Bedroom.

I currently have a beautiful antique chandelier that I painted white with tons of crystals. It is in my antique mall booth waiting for someone to purchase it for $150. If that doesn't happen, I may take down the lampshade light fixture above and place it there. NOW you know why Hubby teases me about chandelier's all over the house. Maybe I need therapy:)  Terry

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  1. Wow! A chandy collection! Now that's a collection I'd love to have! I can't believe you got that beauty for $2 at a yard sale! What a steal! I love the basket chandy you made. So clever!

  2. *giggles* I like what Tammy said....a chandy collection. You did an amazing job transforming the chandeliers. I need a pretty chandelier for my dining room. I have the original builder's grade light fixture in there. It looked outdated when the house was built in 1996, LOL. AND it is *gasp* BRASS!!! I will need to sell many paintings to be able to afford one because I lack your chandelier transformation skills, Terry!!! This post is inspiring. Thanks so much!

  3. Wow, you are a chandy collector! They are all amazing. I love the one you made out of a basket.

  4. What a wonderful collection of chandys! All are great ,but the one you made from the wire basket is really clever.

  5. Seriously Terry, each one is better than the next. You have accumulated a stunning collection.

    Take care,

  6. I don't think you can ever have enough chandeliers in your home....they provide jewelry to each room. Just beautiful!

  7. Wowza! They're incredible! I don't think I've ever had one, now that I think about it. Maybe that explains a lot, huh? Maybe all this time all I needed was a chandelier in my life, lol! This time of year, I'd probably just cover it in pine garland and ribbon, though!

  8. LOVE them all, you have a wonderful "collection". The wreath you painted on the ceiling is just gorgeous! I love using the vintage pieces and sconces if at all possible, they have such a flair to them! Thanks so much for linking up to VIF!

  9. I heart the chandies too. And u have quite the collection!

  10. Your chandes are beautiful, Terry! What a wonderful collection of them you have!
    ~ Jo :)

  11. Love your lighting collection, the one hanging from the birdcage stand is my favorite. Thank you for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

  12. I love chandeliers too- they are gorgeous and add so much to a room! Love your collection- they are all gorgeous! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  13. Terry, love all your beautiful chandeliers! You've gotten some amazing deals! Do you have a post showing how you make the wax covers? Would love to see how that's done.


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