Subway Art Chair

This chair is an old telephone chair that I found at a garage sale. Sorry, but I failed you by not taking a picture of the before chair.  But, I can give you a visual...it was smaller than a regular chair but larger than a child's chair. It was brown wood with an angled seat that was covered in horrible worn material and the wood seat was broken in two.  Sounds real pretty, huh? Well, I picked up this ugly duckling knowing that I could make it into some kind of beauty. First off to hubby. He made sure that it was sound and glued the seat back together. He then cut the seat straight and gave it a new router-ed edge.

I painted it white. Then as I was in a completely different frame of mind with what to do with it, I remembered that I love subway art and thought that this piece would be perfect for it. And so easy. I used vinyl lettering and just laid them on the seat. I painted the seat black, added touches of black and white check on the legs and back. Then when it was dry, I removed the vinyl lettering. A couple coats of sealer and now it's ready for someone elses home, since I haven't any room for it here. Terry
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  1. I love all the attention to detail. Visiting from A Little Knick Knack.

  2. ooooo....I like this one. Is this the one you made for your son?

    Very cool!

  3. No Ricki, the one I made for my son looks like camouflage. I can't seem to find a picture of it. This is one to sell. Terry

  4. Great idea!!!.....Using Subway way art is very creative...Keep up the great work!!!!

  5. Very creative of you to use subway art for the chair!

  6. Wow! Your chair look fabulous! I also like your bedroom from the last post!

  7. Cute chair!! To answer your question about selaing the Sharpie marker: well It does come off with wear and tear, especially my ceramic boxes I used for the dish detergent - probably because I wash them often - however on another piece of white ceramic (with roster on top) it never wore off. If it is on wood, I seal it with polyeurothane...I'll be back to visit - I can't "follow" anymore because, not only can I not see my foloowers, but I can't see anyone else's!! Strange things happenening with Blogger!!

  8. I found you through Funky Junk Interiors. I am also a HUGE fan of MC!!! I love your pieces and have become your newest follower.


  9. What a great transformation, Terry!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Amazing! By the way... what chair? All I see is a piece of art. :) So cool! Love the black and white mix.


  11. I love functional art. Since you are a fellow midwesterner (I am in Chicago)...where do you seal in the winter?

    If you have a moment, please link up your chair to Creative Juice Thursday!

    nicolette @

  12. oh, I love this!

  13. That looks really cool. A great way to repurpose it.

  14. I'm so glad you link up your subway art chair.

    and thank you for answering my question...

    can't see what else you'll be painting in 2011

  15. I love your chair! I run a little blog named Skitt A Skatt, It means trash to treasure in norwegian! I am so excited to read threw your furniture transformations! I would love it if you took a look around my blog!


  16. Great look for this chair. Thanks again for linking.

  17. love the seat on this! another great job!

  18. Fantastic...I do a project for a non profit group on Nashville called Students Taking a Right Stand/Kids on the Block where we do something involving a chair. Something like this would be so adorable. Great job.

  19. O M GOSH...this is, by far, the cutest chair I've ever seen. It is ADORABLE.
    I am NOT one bit creative but I just KNOW I can do this. Well, I THINK I CAN.:)
    Thanks for the encouragement. I just never thought of using vinyl letters, painting and then removing. I am such a dunce.
    Thanks so much.


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