MacKenzie Childs Inspiration #5 & The Neighbor's Trash

If you follow my blog, you know I have a 'thing' for MacKenzie Childs...you should visit their website if you haven't. I saw this lamp and thought for the most part it was cute. It had my Courtly Check on it which will sway me towards loving it if I see that. So I made my own version, as I always do knowing that the above MC lamp is only my inspiration. If you click on the picture it will show it bigger and then if you click on the picture again, it will get really large so you can see the detail. Then just back out of that and you will be back to the story.
Here it is on my FREE SPINET DESK all tied with a Christmas bow!
So you want to know about my FREE DESK? While we were on vacation, our new neighbors moved in. When we arrived home, their garage door was up and I saw an antique desk. I knew that I would like them if they enjoyed antiques like it did. The next day, I go out to mow the lawn before it gets hot (it was August) and I find that it's trash day and the neighbors had put this desk in the TRASH! So I walk over, knock on their door and ask if I can have their trash. The neighbor even helps me carry it home.  The front left leg was broken off but it was there and looked good. She told me that the desk had sat in her parents basement with the broken leg for over 42 years!  My hubby drilled a hole down the leg and up the desk part where the leg should be. He glued in a dowel and in 15 minutes the leg was repaired! It's called a spinet desk because the top closes like a spinet piano. When open, the writing area pulls forward for more work room and there are all kinds of cubbies and drawers. Now the finish was PERFECT, solid walnut with burled walnut drawer along the front. All I had to do was oil it! Can you believe it? Terry

In its closed position.

I think a drawer is missing right behind the candle stick.

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  1. No, I can't believe that! I've never seen trash look so good! Great job on your MacKenzie Childs look alike lamp!

  2. Terry, I wish I lived in your neighborhood. The burled walnut is gorgeous, and I love how it closes completely. When opened, the little cubbies are too, too cute. And I can't believe you only needed to oil it. I think it is perfect! You are a lucky duck!

    Your lamp is incredible. I love the shape of it. You are so talented! I have a "thing" for MacKenzie-Childs, too :D

  3. Terry--in the trash?!! Lucky it was your turn to mow the lawn that day. You found a treasure. I love MacKenzie-C too. I'm hoping to get to NYC to see their store decorated for the holidays. If I do I'll post some pics. Linda

  4. Hi...Great lamp!! I am also a fanatic for M-C's courtly check and live about 45 minutes from their plant in Aurora, NY. If you want to peek at their new fabric that will be coming out soon, read my Nov 13th post. They displayed the courtly check fabric in their farmhouse (not on the market yet) I also did a M-C tree in my kitchen to match the pieces I have...it was easy to paint the ornaments!! At the bottom of my blog I have the label for M-C which has all my related posts, including some pieces I have also painted - Enjoy and Happy Holidays...patti@pandora's box


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