Found A Santa Boot!

I stopped by the local thrift store today and found this for $2. I never feel bad about paying for anything there because the money goes to Christian missions. As I peeled the price off when I got home, there was the original store price of $14.99!
Don't you just like the antique quality about this? I did. Off to the basement to see what I can make with this. A Christmas tree...check, extra greenery...check, styrofoam...check, moss...check, white ball thingy's...check and lastly, wine bottle stocking hat...check. I put all those together and came up with this.  Total cost, the $2...I had all the rest just boxed in the basement. Terry     I'm linking up to Gina's Transformation Thursday     


  1. Very cute boot. Looks like it is right off Santa.

  2. What a beautiful home! And I love the boot. I'm a thrift shopper too and love that $2 price tag. I picked up some adorable Christmas goodies this season too! I'm going to follow you and hope you'll stop by and visit my blog and consider following me too ;)



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