MacKenzie Childs Inspiration #3

I see these everywhere. On blogs of kitchens and in magazines of kitchens. It's like people are in love with them and it's something they can afford in the MacKenzie Childs product line. They retail for $88!

Well as a lover of EVERYTHING MacKenzie Childs, I love this teapot! So I started with this aluminum teapot that I found for $1. This photo was taken after I had primed it.
I painted it using the MC teapot as inspiration and this is what the end product came out to look like...

I had another larger old teapot that I paid $2 at auction. I painted it as well and gave it to my sister.

No, these can't be really used for heating water, but they look good on your stove or in the kitchen! And at a much cheaper price! Terry
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  1. Terry I love everything MacKenzie Childs too.
    I really love the teapot you did for your sister, I would love that for my kitchen {maybe you'd consider doing a trade someday}!

    Love the chair you did a few posts back too!

    Merry Christmas,

  2. You did a really awesome job. Love it.

  3. Oh I love MacKenzie Child, too! Your did pots are fabulous! What a great idea and a great gift!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Wickedly cool work there. They are both awesome! Need a new sister?

  5. I dare say yours are even better! I am blown away. Your detailing on the flowers is impeccible ;)

  6. Those tea pots are too cute...I have the MC one....and you was a MUCH BETTER BARGAIN!!!! (O:(O;



  7. Hey, Terry! I am VERY impressed! I love MC, too and you're doing a great job with all your painting! You are one talented lady!
    You asked me a question about my window treatments...if you'll e-mail me back with your email (Your comment came through with noreply) I'll be glad to explain it more.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. These are as cute as can be! You really used the MacKenzie Child one as a great starting point.

  9. You were featured on the Saturday Mornings blog! Come check it out and thanks for linking up! http://danajeanward.blogspot.com

  10. Very cute....What kinds of paints do you use to paint ceramic? I would love to start painting ceramics but don't know what paint to use

  11. I might have to steal this idea, love it!

  12. Wonderful job on both tea kettles. You are sooo talented. I would give anything to be able to just paint the checks of CC. :)
    You must be quoting the price of the small CC tea kettle. The large one is just over a hundred dollars. And, DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS. ! :))

  13. I love all your Mackenzie Childs pieces...What types of paints do you use?

  14. Puh-leeeeeeze, will you do a tutorial on checks both flat and round as on the teakettle? I have failed miserably and am in checkspair!!!

    Help! Befuddled in Brea

  15. OMGolly!!! I am so embarrassed to be one of "those people" who don't read the instructions/directions!!!!

    Duh and double Duh!!! GOT IT NOW, IT IS FREE HAND of course!!! They just have that delightfully spontaneous look. Thanks for the help ( in spite of me) now back to my blasted checks, it takes courage. Roses no problem but checks, ewwww, so pre-kinda-cise!!!! If this chair turns out well I will send you a picture; everyone thinks I am nuts when I try to explain so I send them to your site. Thanks for your infinite patience, which of course you would need to paint all those pesky checks!!!!! M


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